Winner of British Council Grand Banyan Recycling Project

Winner of British Council Grand Banyan Recycling Project

A great day indeed, when our school won the first prize in the southern region, in the highest per capita volume of paper, under British Council’s Grand Banyan Recycling Project. Mrs. Vidya Rai, our School Co-ordinator received the shield and the prize at a ceremony held at Sai Intenrational School, Bhubaneshwar from the Governor of Jharkand in the presence of British Council officials.

The Grand Banyan Project, an initiative of the British Council in collaboration with the NGO I Love My Mother Earth (ILMME) Foundation, had schools from all over India taking part in one of the biggest paper recycling projects and contributes towards saving the environment and helping a huge number of less advantaged children with notebooks made from recycled paper. In the most innovative campaign, the contest was held in categories like highest per capita volume of paper (per region), cleanest day drive (per region) campaign involving international partner (2 prizes – all India), and cover page design (per region).

In the highest per capita volume of paper, the students collected the waste paper in two phases, first phase was on September 27 and 28, 2011 and the second phase was on November 21 and 22, 2011. All the students from K.G to Class X actively participated in this project. Many of the parents also joined hands with us and enthusiastically collected the waste paper from their houses/firms/shops and neighbourhoods and sent them to the school with their wards.

The School had announced prizes for the classes that collect the maximum K.G of waste paper to make the students earnest and enthusiastic about this project and collect more paper. Accordingly Class III B collected 145 K.G’s (33 students) and Class VII A collected 117 K.G.(22 students).

The paper collection is as follows:

First Phase – 1107 K.G

Second Phase – 649 K.G.

Total collection is 1756 K.G’s (by 713 students from KG to Class X)

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