Results of Various Competitions 2015 - 2016

Class I - III

Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Drawing CompetitionI-AG. Diya PrasadI
Drawing CompetitionI-ATanmay Urs N.H.II
Drawing CompetitionI-AJoswin Shaun PintoIII
Drawing CompetitionI-BMichelle Sinu JosephI
Drawing CompetitionI-BSinchana AnchanII
Drawing CompetitionI-BNelisha Sienna LoboIII
Drawing CompetitionI-CAnsel Savion NoronhaI
Drawing CompetitionI-CCalix Lency MontheroII
Drawing CompetitionI-CIshan RoshanIII
Drawing CompetitionI-DKrishaI
Drawing CompetitionI-DAlan D’SouzaII
Drawing CompetitionI-DDaniel Eugene ViegasIII
Drawing CompetitionII-AM.S. Sinchana RaoI
Drawing CompetitionII-ALynn Flora D’SouzaII
Drawing CompetitionII-ARalf Ken LouisIII
Drawing CompetitionII-BAnusha MirandaI
Drawing CompetitionII-BVibhaII
Drawing CompetitionII-BSrijan RajIII
Drawing CompetitionII-CAnvila Neora D’SouzaI
Drawing CompetitionII-CK. Kathir VelanII
Drawing CompetitionII-CLiesel Nilisha MorasIII
Drawing CompetitionII-DNidhi K.I
Drawing CompetitionII-DTanisha ShettyII
Drawing CompetitionII-DPoorvi A. TantryIII
Drawing CompetitionIII-AShreya ManyaI
Drawing CompetitionIII-AMahathiII
Drawing CompetitionIII-AKansh K.III
Drawing CompetitionIII-BDhaksh P.H.I
Drawing CompetitionIII-BAayush JII
Drawing CompetitionIII-BFarwanIII
Drawing CompetitionIII-CHarsh Y. PoojaryI>
Drawing CompetitionIII-CAmanda Tania MenezesII
Drawing CompetitionIII-CJeanne Risha PintoIII
Drawing CompetitionIII-DChristina GoveasI
Drawing CompetitionIII-DDillan Mark MirandaII
Drawing CompetitionIII-DMahathi H. PavanaskarIII
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
English Elocution CompetitionI-ATanmay URS N.H.I
English Elocution CompetitionI-AAishani ShreyasiII
English Elocution CompetitionI-AShreshta RaoIII
English Elocution CompetitionI-BRyan Anil D’souzaI
English Elocution CompetitionI-BKrislyn Maria FernandesII
English Elocution CompetitionI-BAnisha AlvaIII
English Elocution CompetitionI-CAnsel Savion NoronhaI
English Elocution CompetitionI-CMohammed RehanII
English Elocution CompetitionI-CRia Alphonsa VinodIII
English Elocution CompetitionI-DSamarth Madhukar NayakI
English Elocution CompetitionI-DAnvi B. PoojaryII
English Elocution CompetitionI-DDhyeya S. BhatIII
English Elocution CompetitionII-AAishwarya M. B.I
English Elocution CompetitionII-ATanmay Mundkur PrabhuII
English Elocution CompetitionII-ASteve Valaire John D’SouzaIII
English Elocution CompetitionII-BJoanne Ashlyn D’SouzaI
English Elocution CompetitionII-BAbhiram Muralidhar/td>II
English Elocution CompetitionII-BAvanthika A.III
English Elocution CompetitionII-CLiesel Nilisha MorasI
English Elocution CompetitionII-CDyan NoelII
English Elocution CompetitionII-CAnvila Neora D’SouzaIII
English Elocution CompetitionII-DNidhi K.I
English Elocution CompetitionII-DTanisha ShettyII
English Elocution CompetitionII-DPoorvi A. TantryIII
English Elocution CompetitionIII-ASrishti U.I
English Elocution CompetitionIII-AAarush R. Kamath H.II
English Elocution CompetitionIII-AVismitha Pai V.III
English Elocution CompetitionIII-BPratyushaI
English Elocution CompetitionIII-BSaanvi M.II
English Elocution CompetitionIII-BAnanya MonteiroIII
English Elocution CompetitionIII-CSaanvi Preetham M.I
English Elocution CompetitionIII-CAaron Anand MishraII
English Elocution CompetitionIII-CSamarth SudhakarIII
English Elocution CompetitionIII-DAnoushka Kishor A.I
English Elocution CompetitionIII-DMahathi H. PavanaskarII
English Elocution CompetitionIII-DPrajnaIII
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
English Essay writing competitionI-AAishani ShreyasiI
English Essay writing competitionI-ATanmay Urs N.HII
English Essay writing competitionI-AShreya HiremathIII
English Essay writing competitionI-BKrislyn Maria FernandesI
English Essay writing competitionI-BShriyaan PrasadII
English Essay writing competitionI-BKenrick Wilfred D’souzaIII
English Essay writing competitionI-CJiah ShettyI
English Essay writing competitionI-CRia Alphonsa VinodII
English Essay writing competitionI-CSaanvi Santosh ShettyIII
English Essay writing competitionI-DKrishaI
English Essay writing competitionI-DDhyeya S.BhatII
English Essay writing competitionI-DEthan Richard PintoIII
English Essay writing competitionII-AAishwarya M.BI
English Essay writing competitionII-AVivaan Immanuel D’saII
English Essay writing competitionII-ADiya MarlaIII
English Essay writing competitionII-BG. RithikaI
English Essay writing competitionII-BAnush Joshua LoboII
English Essay writing competitionII-BJoanne Ashlyn D’souzaIII
English Essay writing competitionII-CLiesel Nilisha MorasI
English Essay writing competitionII-CSthuthishree B.RII
English Essay writing competitionII-CAnvila Neora D’souzaIII
English Essay writing competitionII-DTanisha ShettyI
English Essay writing competitionII-DNidhi KII
English Essay writing competitionII-DRohitIII
English Essay writing competitionIII-ASikriti BeraI
English Essay writing competitionIII-AAarush R.Kamath H/td>II
English Essay writing competitionIII-AVismitha Pai VIII
English Essay writing competitionIII-BSashrika AdyanthayaI
English Essay writing competitionIII-BAnanya MonteiroII
English Essay writing competitionIII-BSanviIII
English Essay writing competitionIII-CJeanne Risha PintoI
English Essay writing competitionIII-CSooraj V.RII
English Essay writing competitionIII-C/td>Venessa Katelyn D’souzaIII
English Essay writing competitionIII-DMahathi H.PavanaskarI
English Essay writing competitionIII-DDisha NII
English Essay writing competitionIII-DAmogh R. ShettyIII
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonI-ANiharika T.I
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonI-AArvin Chris D’CunhaII
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonI-ASaanvi KotianIII
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonI-DAnvi B. PoojaryI
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonI-CDhwani D. ShettyII
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonI-CJiah ShettyIII
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonII-APreemal PintoI
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonII-ASamraddhi B.K.II
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonII-AVaishnavi KamathIII
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonII-BAapti B. PoojaryI
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonII-BAbhiram MuralidharII
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonII-BAnusha MirandaIII
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonII-CSthuthishree B.R.I
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonII-CLiesel Nilisha MorasII
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonII-CIshaniIII
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonII-DSthuthi S.I
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonII-DMythili Nayak ManelII
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonII-DLaksha H.III
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonIII-AVismitha Pai V.I
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonIII-ACarlton Nash RodriguesIII
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonIII-BRochelle Joan MadthaII
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonIII-CShriya RaoI
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonIII-CG. Aashwij KamathIII
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonIII-DMahathi H. PavanaskarII
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Patriotic Singing CompetitionI-AAishani ShreyasiI
Patriotic Singing CompetitionI-AArvin Chris D’CunhaII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionI-ATanmay Urs N.H.III
Patriotic Singing CompetitionI-BPahal J.I
Patriotic Singing CompetitionI-BHimanshuII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionI-BKenrick Wilfred D’SouzaIII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionI-CHavish ShettyI
Patriotic Singing CompetitionI-CJiah ShettyII
Patriotic Singing Competition>I-CRia Alphonsa VinodIII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionI-DSai Aditya Rakesh SalianI
Patriotic Singing CompetitionI-DTusharII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionI-DDanica Valeny D’MelloIII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionII-ASteve Valaire John D’SouzaI
Patriotic Singing CompetitionII-AAishwarya M.B.II
Patriotic Singing CompetitionII-AKaren Elaine LoboIII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionII-BAnusha MirandaI
Patriotic Singing CompetitionII-BDaniel Joseph MirandaII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionII-BAbhiram MuralidharIII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionII-CSthuthishree B.R.I
Patriotic Singing CompetitionII-CReeya Sonal LoboII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionII-CSindhuja ChowdhuryIII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionII-DTanisha ShettyI
Patriotic Singing CompetitionII-DMythili Nayak ManelII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionII-DNidhi K.III
Patriotic Singing CompetitionIII-AVismitha Pai V.I
Patriotic Singing CompetitionIII-ACarlton Nash RodriguesII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionIII-AJovin Gerald D’SouzaIII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionIII-BSanvik D.RaiI
Patriotic Singing CompetitionIII-BPratyushaII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionIII-BAlistair LoboIII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionIII-CAmanda Tania MenezesI
Patriotic Singing CompetitionIII-CSaanvi Preetham M.II
Patriotic Singing CompetitionIII-CShriya RaoIII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionIII-DAnoushka Kishore AI
Patriotic Singing CompetitionIII-DMahathi H. PavanaskarII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionIII-DMelisha Shainy FernandesIII
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Quiz CompetitionI-APranav G. BhatI
Quiz CompetitionI-AChrisyl Vinola BraggsII
Quiz CompetitionI-ADeona Regina D’souzaIII
Quiz CompetitionI-BMinaliI
Quiz CompetitionI-BHimanshuII
Quiz CompetitionI-BGovrav AppaiahIII
Quiz CompetitionI-CJanelle Lara MirandaI
Quiz CompetitionI-CYuganth J. KottaryII
Quiz CompetitionI-CRonan Aaron D’silvaIII
Quiz CompetitionI-DDhyeya S. BhatI
Quiz CompetitionI-DYatharth M.S.II
Quiz CompetitionI-D/td>Faye Anne PaisIII
Quiz CompetitionII-AAgasthya Mahesh JoshiI
Quiz CompetitionII-AAhani AlvaII
Quiz CompetitionII-AAishwarya M. B.III
Quiz CompetitionII-BShantanu Vaibhav AnishI
Quiz CompetitionII-BDaniel Joseph MirandaII
Quiz CompetitionII-BTulasi B. Shetty A.III
Quiz CompetitionII-CSthuthishree B.R.I
Quiz CompetitionII-CM. S. N. S. V. SahishnuII
Quiz CompetitionII-CKuldeepIII
Quiz CompetitionII-DNidhi K.I
Quiz CompetitionII-DKushi R. ShenoyII
Quiz CompetitionII-DSohan Kumar D.III
Quiz CompetitionIII-AAnupama V. CherianI
Quiz CompetitionIII-AKarunya Pradeep JohnII
Quiz CompetitionIII-ACarlton Nash RodriguesIII
Quiz CompetitionIII-BPratyushaI
Quiz CompetitionIII-BAdithya SajinaII
Quiz CompetitionIII-BJay Adam CoelhoIII
Quiz CompetitionIII-CJeanne Risha PintoI
Quiz CompetitionIII-CRidhanyaII
Quiz CompetitionIII-CRaghuram R KotechaIII
Quiz CompetitionIII-DDillan Mark Miranda>I
Quiz CompetitionIII-DAditya SinghII
Quiz CompetitionIII-DMahathi H. PavanaskarIII
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Vegetable Printing CompetitionI-AVaishnavi S. DevadigaI
Vegetable Printing CompetitionI-AArundhathi Maria Veshnal CherianII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionI-AShreshta RaoIII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionI-BDavion Joseph D’souzaI
Vegetable Printing CompetitionI-BRyan Anil D’SouzaII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionI-BKarthik N. BhatIII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionI-CTanishaI
Vegetable Printing CompetitionI-CRia Alphonsa VinodII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionI-CJiah ShettyIII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionI-DAlan D’souzaI
Vegetable Printing CompetitionI-DTheo Calvin RenuII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionI-DAnvi B. PoojariIII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionII-AKaren Elaine LoboI
Vegetable Printing CompetitionII-ALeon Cletus TauroII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionII-APreemal PintoIII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionII-BAnush Joshua LoboI
Vegetable Printing CompetitionII-BAapti B.PoojariII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionII-BKushi KotianIII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionII-CAnvila Neora D’souzaI
Vegetable Printing CompetitionII-CDhyan NoelII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionII-CHemish B.III
Vegetable Printing CompetitionII-DRachel D’souzaI
Vegetable Printing CompetitionII-DMythili Nayak ManelII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionII-DSanskrith NIII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIII-ASumedha Rakesh SalianI
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIII-AJovin Gerald D’souzaII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIII-AKarunya Pradeep JohnIII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIII-BGanesh Prasad N.BhattI
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIII-BSamika ShettyII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIII-BSashrika AdyanthayaIII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIII-CJeanne Risha PintoI
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIII-CVenessa Katelyn D’souzaII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIII-CDion Zenden MenezesIII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIII-DHaneen HannanI
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIII-DPreksha P. KottaryII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIII-DMelisha Shainy FernandesIII

Class IV - XII

Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Collage Making CompetitionIX-BViona Lauren D’SaI
Collage Making CompetitionIX-ASanjana N. PoojaryII
Collage Making CompetitionX-BAdrine Preeth D’CunhaIII
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Drawing CompetitionIV-AParjanya KotianI
Drawing CompetitionIV-AVaibhav K.R.II
Drawing CompetitionIV-AAanchal R. ShenoyIII
Drawing CompetitionIV-BCaleb ManoharanI
Drawing CompetitionIV-BPranav P. AcharII
Drawing CompetitionIV-BKavan H.M.III
Drawing CompetitionIV-CDrishya B.K.I
Drawing CompetitionIV-CJaden Lenard D’SouzaII
Drawing CompetitionIV-CDhruvi R. KadriIII
Drawing CompetitionV-AMohammed ShaheemI
Drawing CompetitionV-ASparsha RaoII
Drawing CompetitionV-AKristen Vernon LoboIII
Drawing CompetitionV-BSherwin Riyon AgeraI
Drawing CompetitionV-BMimansha MounII
Drawing CompetitionV-BFidha MoideenIII
Drawing CompetitionV-CLionel Deaun MenezesI
Drawing CompetitionV-CTasha Celina RenuII
Drawing CompetitionV-CRohan NaikIII
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
English Elocution CompetitionIV CRuth Simone SaldanhaI
English Elocution CompetitionIV CReesha Maria Lobo/td>II
English Elocution CompetitionIV AThaneeshaIII
English Elocution Competition/td>V BZidane Angelo RegoI
English Elocution CompetitionV BFaye Carmel RodriguesII/td>
English Elocution CompetitionVI ABhuviI
English Elocution CompetitionVI CMohammed ZiyanII
English Elocution CompetitionV ASparsha RaoIII
English Elocution CompetitionVI BVergil Valentine MenezesIII
English Elocution CompetitionVIII ALeroy D’souzaI
English Elocution CompetitionVII BAshitha Ashokan VannarathII
English Elocution CompetitionVIII BMeghana Sudhakara ShenoyIII
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
English Essay writing competitionIV-BP. SaanviI
English Essay writing competitionIV-ASheik Muhammad AlfazII
English Essay writing competitionIV-CDrishya B.KIII
English Essay writing competitionIX-ADolen Crisel PintoI
English Essay writing competitionIX-BFanny Maria D’souzaII
English Essay writing competitionIX-ABhavan MelkarIII
English Essay writing competitionV-CNidhi AlvaI
English Essay writing competitionV-BSynola AlbuquerqueII
English Essay writing competitionV-AAnwika Preemal MirandaIII
English Essay writing competitionVI-ABhuviI
English Essay writing competitionVI-AKenneth Vian D’souzaII
English Essay writing competitionVI-ASheza Naseema ShamimIII
English Essay writing competitionVII-AChrisel Leolla MonteiroI
English Essay writing competitionVII-ADeepa Robert KII
English Essay writing competitionVII-BAshitha Ashokan VannarathIII
English Essay writing competitionVIII-BShaima Zubaida ShamimI
English Essay writing competitionVIII-BMeghana Sudhakara ShenoyII
English Essay writing competitionVIII-ANeola Deepika D’MelloIII
English Essay writing competition/td>X-BVinita Rosa MonisI
English Essay writing competitionX-ASheetal PillaiII
English Essay writing competitionX-AAnjaliIII
English Essay writing competitionXIChinmaya H.NI
English Essay writing competitionXISowmiya SumithII
English Essay writing competitionXIJennifer D’SouzaIII
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
English Extempore CompetitionIX BViona Lauren D’SaI
English Extempore CompetitionIX ARhea Vanessa RodriguesII
English Extempore CompetitionIX BAlden Morris MascarenhasIII
English Extempore CompetitionX AAaral Alisha MonteiroI
English Extempore CompetitionX AAnjaliII
English Extempore CompetitionX BAnisha Roshal RodriguesIII
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonIV BCharishma ShettyI
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonIV CDrishya B.K.II
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonIV BThrishika AnchanIII
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonV ARemona Evette PereiraI
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonV BShreyas K.II
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonV AApeksha N. KamathIII
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonV CBelicia Ria D’SilvaIII
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonVII BAshitha Ashokan VannarathI
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonVI CFathima Nihma NassirII
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonVII AA.S. ShlokaIII
Folk Dance Solo CompetitonVII ADisha G.III
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Hindi Elocution CompetitonVIII AKarunya Krishna PoojaryI
Hindi Elocution CompetitonVI CHashir Suleman ShaikhII
Hindi Elocution CompetitonVIII ANeola Deepika D’MelloIII>
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Hindi Essay writing competitionVI-CAiswarya A.SI
Hindi Essay writing competitionVI-CVaishnavi Yogesh ShastriII
Hindi Essay writing competitionVI-AM. Siddhanth PrabhuIII
Hindi Essay writing competitionVII-BAshitha Ashokan VannarathI
Hindi Essay writing competitionVIII-BRaksha N.SII
Hindi Essay writing competitionVIII-ASana AzmiyaIII
Hindi Essay writing competitionX-BSimonne Letetia PintoI
Hindi Essay writing competitionIX-ASneha A.SII
Hindi Essay writing competitionIX-BBhawini SinghII
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Hindi Extempore CompetitionIX BBhawini SinghI
Hindi Extempore CompetitionIX AFlorida Jenifer AlmedaII
Hindi Extempore CompetitionIX ASneha A.S.III
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Kannada Essay writing competitionVIII-BRaksha N.SI
Kannada Essay writing competitionVII-ADeepa Robert KII
Kannada Essay writing competitionVII-ASameekshaIII
Kannada Essay writing competitionX-AAshel Rhea SequeiraI
Kannada Essay writing competitionIX-BSpoortiII
Kannada Essay writing competitionIX-BPratheeksha A.PIII
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Patriotic Singing CompetitionIV-BDisha S. RaoIII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionIV-CReesha Maria LoboI
Patriotic Singing CompetitionIV-CDrishya B.K.II
Patriotic Singing CompetitionIV-CWinshel Melora PintoIII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionV-ATaniha AlphaI
Patriotic Singing CompetitionV-AMelony Minol D’SilvaII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionV-ARemona Evette PereiraIII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionV-BAbigail Melanie CrastaI
Patriotic Singing CompetitionV-BSynola AlbuquerqueII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionV-BAlden MenezesIII
Patriotic Singing CompetitionV-CBelicia Ria D’SilvaI
Patriotic Singing CompetitionV-CPriya V.M.II
Patriotic Singing CompetitionV-CTanvi R. DevadigaIII
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Poster Making CompetitionVI-BMonith K.I
Poster Making CompetitionVI-CSwathi S.II
Poster Making CompetitionVI-AMoira Rochelle MenezesIII
Poster Making CompetitionVII-ASaniola Andria D’SouzaI
Poster Making CompetitionVII-BPrithika Lily CorreaII
Poster Making CompetitionVII-BAshitha Ashokan VannarathIII
Poster Making CompetitionVIII-ALarissa Iola MorasI
Poster Making CompetitionVIII-ANeola Deepika D’MelloII
Poster Making CompetitionVIII-ANinette D’SouzaIII
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Quiz CompetitionIV AThaneeshaI
Quiz CompetitionIV AAyush R. KallingalI
Quiz CompetitionIV AAnkitha P.S.II
Quiz CompetitionIV AAshwiniII
Quiz CompetitionIV BLaxmi Sthuthi ShettyI
Quiz CompetitionIV BPranav P. AcharI
Quiz CompetitionIV BDisha S. RaoII
Quiz CompetitionIV BKoushik RaoII
Quiz CompetitionIV CDrishya B.K.I
Quiz CompetitionIV CDiti ArunkumarI
Quiz CompetitionIV CPranavi A. TantryII
Quiz CompetitionIV CShreyas ShettyII
Quiz CompetitionV AApeksha S.I
Quiz CompetitionV AMelony Minol D’SilvaI
Quiz CompetitionV ABrindaII
Quiz CompetitionV ASamruth B.K.II
Quiz CompetitionV BKaustubhI
Quiz CompetitionV BSynola AlbuquerqueI
Quiz CompetitionV BMimansha MounII
Quiz CompetitionV BReuben Antony VinodII
Quiz CompetitionV CAayushi SinghI
Quiz CompetitionV CDave Sylvester Vas NaikI
Quiz CompetitionV CSamarth KotianII
Quiz CompetitionV CSouravi HegdeII
Quiz CompetitionVIII ABevan Avil PintoI
Quiz CompetitionVIII AVarun T.I
Quiz CompetitionVIII AHimanshu M.J.II
Quiz CompetitionVIII AMelric Joseph CrastaII
Quiz CompetitionVIII AAbigail Rachel AlbuquerqueIII
Quiz CompetitionVIII ASana AzmiyaIII
Quiz CompetitionXIHarsha D’souzaI
Quiz CompetitionX ISohan Joseph SaldanhaI
Quiz CompetitionX AArolin Blossom MirandaII
Quiz CompetitionXAChris Orlin CardozaII
Quiz CompetitionXIIG. Deeksha PrasadIII
Quiz CompetitionXIIAshni Manish BhagvandasIII
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Salad Dressing CompetitionV-BSherwin Riyon AgeraI
Salad Dressing CompetitionV-CNidhi AlvaII
Salad Dressing CompetitionV-CLionel Deaun MenezesIII
Salad Dressing CompetitionVI-CSwathi S.I
Salad Dressing CompetitionVI-CFathima Nihma NassirII
Salad Dressing CompetitionVI-ABhavin Mohan A.III
Salad Dressing CompetitionVII-BSaanvi Mohan A.I
Salad Dressing CompetitionVII-BAshitha Ashokan VannarathII
Salad Dressing CompetitionVII-BWilona Trinal D’souzaIII
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Vegetable Carving CompetitionVIII-BRaksha N.SI
Vegetable Carving CompetitionVIII-BSimona Lisha FernandesII
Vegetable Carving CompetitionVIII-BShaima Zubaida ShamimIII
Vegetable Carving CompetitionIX-AManish BI
Vegetable Carving CompetitionIX-BShreyas KumarII
Vegetable Carving CompetitionIX-BElvin Marcian Dominic D’souzaIII
Vegetable Carving CompetitionX-AJanice Maria SaldanhaI
Vegetable Carving CompetitionX-BFlavia D’souzaII
Vegetable Carving CompetitionX-BDaren Naren MirandaIII
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIV-AJoshua Nathen SequeiraI
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIV-AManya NII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIV-AHrithik M. BhakthaIII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIV-BDiya D. ShettyI
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIV-BSwastik JainII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIV-BAbhyudaya KrishnaIII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIV-CDrishya B.KI
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIV-CWinshel Melora PintoII
Vegetable Printing CompetitionIV-CJaden Lenard D’souzaIII
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionIV-ASakshi K.I
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionIV-AAshwiniII
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionIV-AAashuthosh S. SharmaIII
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionIV-BChinmayee BhatI
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionIV-BDiella Velora FernandesII
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionIV-BG. Reyhan RichIII
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionIV-CAmica Racheal FrankI
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionIV-CWinshel Melora PintoII
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionIV-CDrishya B. K.III
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionV-ARemona Evette PereiraI
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionV-ASuraj Raphael D’SilvaII
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionV-AGlenn Dwight D’SilvaIII
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionV-BD. PuneethI
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionV-BSwathi S. PaiII
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionV-BVarsha VargheseIII
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionV-CB. A. PranamyaI
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionV-CV. S. PrathiveeII
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionV-CLionel Deaun MenezesIII
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionVI-CHimanshu Bharath KumarI
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionVI-BOmkar V. RaoII
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionVI-BDelton James TauroIII
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionVII-AMinola Lawreen SaldanhaI
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionVII-AAkhilaII
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionVII-ADeeksha KamathIII
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionVIII-AElkan Michael PaisI
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionVIII-BRaksha N. S.II
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionVIII-ANeola Deepika D’MelloIII
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionIX ASneha A.S.I
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionIX BViona Lauren D’SaII
Wealth Out of Waste CompetitionX BDaren Naren MirandaIII

2015 - 2016 Group Competetion Winners

Patriotic Singing - Group (Class VI - VIII)

Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Patriotic Group Singing CompetitionVIII-BKarthik Raj M.I
VIII-BRihan Aaron D’Silva
VIII-BRishan Joshua D’Silva
VIII-BGeo Tony
VIII-BVandana K.
VIII-BRaksha N.S.
VIII-BDallies Vienna Fernandes
VIII-BMeghana Sudhakara Shenoy
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Patriotic Group Singing CompetitionVII-AChrisel Leolla MonteiroII
VII-AMinola Lawreen Saldanha
VII-ADeepa Robert K.
VII-ARebecca Faustina Mishra
VII-AShreya K.
VII-ADisha G.
VII-AJeevika Suresh Devadiga
VII-AA. S. Shloka
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Patriotic Group Singing CompetitionVIII-ACalvin Fred GonsalvesIII
VIII-ANeola Deepika D’Mello
VIII-ALeroy D’Souza
VIII-AK. Kandan
VIII-AK. S. Vanisha
VIII-AAbigail Rachel Albuquerque
VIII-ALarissa Iola Moras
VIII-AStephan Glen Pinto
VIII-AMelric Joseph Crasta
VIII-ACraig Philip Savio D’Souza

Patriotic Singing - Group (Class IX - X)

Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Patriotic Group Singing CompetitionIX-ASonal Miyola D’SouzaI
IX-ASarah Lucia D’Souza
IX-AMuddana Radhika
IX-ANanma Abiya Alex
IX-AClarissa Joan D’Souza
IX-AKhushi K. Rai
IX-ASanjana N. Poojary
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Patriotic Group Singing CompetitionIX-BLisha Ann PereiraII
IX-BJanessa Martis
IX-BK. Thrijanya Anil
IX-BManasa Bhat
IX-BPratheeksha A.P.
IX-BDeekshith V.
Name of the CompetitionClassName of studentPrize won
Patriotic Group Singing CompetitionIX-BRoshna NarayanIII
IX-BBhawini Singh
IX-BMaithri P. S.
IX-BKarunya S. Hattiangady
IX-BZeba Elizabath Kamal
IX-BSweedal Chrystal D’Souza
IX-BElvin Marcian Dominic D’Souza
IX-BShreyas Kumar
IX-BAaron Nathan Vas
IX-BPrajwal Noronha