School Fees

Fee Structure and Payments

MCCS is a self financing school with no grants from the State or Central Governments. The fee structure is to meet the developmental and recurring expenditure, the major one being salaries of the staff. Salaries, developmental activities and the mounting maintenance costs require substantial sums of money. Obviously raise in fee on a yearly basis to match the current salaries and other costs is inevitable.

Capital Expenditure Fee

Parents need to pay this fees at the time of first admission towards the capital expenditure of the school, as permitted by the State Government to unaided private schools (vide Govt. order No: ED 39 VIVIVDA 99, Bangalore dated 14.3. 2000). This amount is payable through D.D. in favour of “The Apostolic Carmel Educational Society, Mangalore”. This amount is not refundable, once admission is made.

School Fees

The tuition fees and other fees can be paid in full at the time of admission or in two installments – Apri / May and September. The school fees to be paid ONLINE through our school’s PARENT APP (NEVERSKIP). Separate receipt will not be issued by the school for remittance made on Parent App, but the parents are requested to download the Fee Receipt from the Parent App and keep it for their future reference. Parents should be able to produce this receipt as evidence for having paid the fees in case of any discrepancy or loss or misplacement. Failure to produce the same would be construed as non-payment of fees. The school fees will not be collected in the School Office in cash, cheque or any other mode. Late payments are strongly discouraged as it causes a lot of problems.

Fee Structure 2023 - 2024



 LKG  Rs 24,300
 UKG  Rs 27,900
 Grade I – II Rs 29,000
 Grade III – V Rs 30,300
 Grade VI – VII Rs 31,400
Grade IX – X Rs 32,800
 Grade XI – XII PCMB Rs 34,900
 Grade XI – XII PCMC Rs 35,900