Salient Features and Facilities


Well Ventilated Classrooms

The rapid and widespread adoption of the latest technological innovations has changed the way knowledge is imparted and learning takes place in our classrooms. Hence, every classroom is equipped with smart boards, along with black boards and other teaching materials.


The hallmark of a good student is sorting, sensing and discovering in the laboratories.

  • Fascinating Physics: Cousin of Mathematics, a harder twin to Chemistry, Physics lab create open doors and pathways, making it interesting and less fearsome.
  • Magical Che‘Mystery’: It is the study of reactions both natural ‘in vivo’ and in the lab ‘in vitro’.
  • Biology: Observing really what nature is – a microscopic view.
  • Mathematics: Mathematics laboratory nurtures creativity through rich imagination and curiosity on non changing axioms.
  • Computers: Mind springs of enrichment in integrating technology and art.


It only takes a spark to identify the children’s interest in reading in our spacious and updated library which has a number of books on various topics.

Life Skills and Value Education

A healthy connect between the mind, body and spirit in our staff and students is fostered through various value based activities.


To house the multifarious activities, the school has a spacious auditorium which can accommodate 1000 plus students/people.


We provide school bus facilities for students

School Bus Routes are:

Bus No. 1: Urwa Stores, Ashoknagar, Urwa Market, Mannagudda, Ladyhill, Lalbagh, Bejai, Kadri Kambla, Kadri Temple, Kadri-Kai battal.

Bus No. 2: Mangaladevi, Morgans Gate, Nandigudda, Valencia, Kaprigudda, Highlands, Falnir, Kankanady, Vaslane, Balmatta, SCS Hospital, St. Agnes, Mallikatta, Shivabagh, Kadri, Nanthoor.

Bus No. 3: Kulur, Panjimuger, Gandhinagar, Kavoor, Bondel, Padavinangady.

Bus No.4: Vamanjoor, Kulshekar, Bikarnakatte, Nanthur, Padua, ITI Road, Yeyyady.

Bus No. 5: Kunjathbail, Marakada, Kavoor, KIOCL, KHB Colony, Bondel Church, Padavinangady.

Bus No. 6: Jeppina Mogaru, Ekkur, Pumpwell, Kapitanio, Garodi, Alape, Tharethota, Nanthoor, KPT, Yeyyady, Dandekeri.

For further details, please contact Mr. Sandesh on 9743337441


Don’t just teach kids how to count, teach them what counts the most. I become the change I wish to see. Our school counsellor helps our children in knowing their strengths and weakness by talking to them on a regular basis.

The Activity Hub

The School promotes and encourages co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for the all-round development of the children.

Sports and Games

No school is complete without a good array of indoor and outdoor games. The school believes in the vital need of sports and games to build self-discipline and mould the personality of the students and therefore provides all the facilities towards training, practices and experiences of playing.

The school offers coaching in all the major arenas like basketball, football, volleyball and chess.


Projects and Assignments

The young minds are constantly fed with rich information through various projects and assignments that helps to organize and utilize knowledge to improve one’s understanding of concepts.


SUPW / Work Experience

The creative SUPW projects offered in the school instills a sense of curiosity in the students and learn with fun.


Scouts and Guides

The purpose of Scouting and Guiding is to develop the inherent potential of the young people by providing them a number of structured activities in order to make them physically, mentally, socially, spiritually and emotionally strong and useful citizens of the Nation.

The aim is achieved through a combination of activities and programmes offered at the Unit level and a structured syllabus which offers programmes and activities through Progressive Advancement Scheme.

The Progressive Advancement is designed to satisfy the needs of each age group and is contained in APRO Part II for Scout Wing and in APRO Part III for Guide Wing.

Sections of the Movement

Scout Wing

Section   – Age Group    – Name of Unit – Motto

Cubs      – 06 – 10 years – Cub Pack       – Do Your Best

Scout    – 10 – 17 years – Scout Troop   – Be Prepared

Guide Wing

Section –   Age Group   – Name of Unit   – Motto

Bulbul    –   06 – 10 years – Bulbul Flock     – Do Your Best

Guide    –   10 – 17 years – Guide Company – Be Prepared.

In addition to the above, a special programme for the children of age group of 4 to 6 years was introduced in our school in 2014 and was named as “Bunnies”. Their Unit is called Tamtola and the motto of them is “Keep Smiling”.


Creative & Skill Development

Instrumental Music

Our school is blessed with a number of budding musicians. In order to sharpen the talents of the music lovers with robust imagination and a musical space for rhythmic resonance, the school offers classes in Keyboard and Guitar.


Drawing, Arts & Crafts

The art buffs among the students have a fun time while learning and enhancing their imagination and creative skills undertaken by the art expert in their drawing classes. The art and craft classes in the school takes this idea to a new level. A simple everyday object is turned into a masterpiece by the creative inputs discussed both by the teacher and the students.



Self-defense is the need of the hour for safety and security of the students. The school provides karate classes by a trained professional to arm the students with various safety techniques.


Contemporary and Folk Dance

Dancing is one of the best forms of expression. The school has professional dancers to teach both contemporary and folk dance to the students.


Communicative English

Polishing one’s communication skills in the early years is always the best for any student. The communicative English taught at the school impart ‘out of the box’ ideas to hone the communication skills in the students.



The school has its own Band to encourage the love towards music among the students, which adds solemnity to our school functions.


Club Activities

The school has clubs dedicated to various fields important for the all-round growth of the students.

Science Club

Laden with all the scientific information both on the practical as well as theoretical nature in order to kindle the love towards the exciting world of science.


Eco Club

Imbibing the need to conserve our Mother Nature, The Eco club at the school takes the students a step closer to reality and involves them in realtime towards the effort to save our planet.


Fine Arts Club

Being expressive is good, and the school encourages and refines the talent in the budding artists through its Fine Arts club.


Literary Club

The literary buffs in the school have a club to improve their writing style and learn new skills or enjoy great pieces of literature under the Literary Club.


Health & Wellness Club

A good health is the biggest treasure for any individual and what better than leaning this at a young age. The Health & Wellness club helps the students know the importance of being healthy at present. Yoga is also conducted for physical and mental stability of the students.


Young Global Citizen’s Club

Through this club, the British Council is supporting the students to learn new tools and develop new skills for helping young generation prepare for life and work in a globalised world.