Veggie Day -2017

Veggie Day -2017

“What you EAT today will impact how you LIVE tomorrow.”

Our daily intake of food is the source of all essentials, namely vitamins, minerals, fibers and phytochemicals.
Keeping this in mind, the UKG section decided to have a ‘Veggie Day’ on Friday, February 10, 2017. The children were asked to bring one each of beetroot, tomato, cucumber and carrot according to their sections respectively. Two children from each class spoke on the vegetables they use at home.

With great excitement the children washed, peeled and cut the vegetables with the help of their teachers and skewed them with toothpicks, dipped in salt and light spiced water with green chilly. The children enjoyed eating the salad with their friends slice by slice in their classroom during their snack break.

Children were taught Rhymes, Jingles and craft work on vegetables which they enjoyed to the maximum. In the morning, videos on vegetable rhymes and cartoons were played on their classroom smart boards. In the afternoon, they were taught to cut the vegetable shapes on colored craft sheets with the help of child friendly scissors assisted by their teachers. The children were very excited.

A skewer of four vegetables (tomato, brinjal, chilly and carrot) was prepared by using broomsticks and glue. They learnt the spellings written on the cut outs. They went home in the evening with the Veg stick in their hands. The joy on the children’s faces and the smile on the parent’s faces was worth seeing.

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