Thinking Day Celebration.

Thinking Day Celebration.

‘A man with hobbies never has time to waste’, – Lord Baden Powell.

The Scouts, Guides, Cubs and Bulbuls of our school celebrated World Thinking Day – 2019, on 22nd February.

The programme commenced with a all faith prayer which fitted the event. The cub Daniel and bulbul Janelle accorded a cheerful welcome to our guest Ms. Philomena Pinto, School Counselor. The scouts highlighted the significance of the day through a Power Point and the slain jawans were remembered and hailed.

A skit ‘Rainbow – Living together in ‘Unity’, depicted the value of every birth which was enacted by the guides, followed by a dance and a song on ‘Unity’ by the cubs and bulbuls.

The Mime act ‘Mobile a boon or a bane’ once again set us think of its cause and effect. Guest of the day Ms. Philomena Pinto in her speech cited how each of us should think and our thinking, if positive will bring a change in us, our families, society and the world at large.

The programme ended with the song ‘Har Desh Mein Tu’ and singing of the national Anthem.

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