The Inward Journey of New Horizons – A Retreat for our Staff

The Inward Journey of New Horizons – A Retreat for our Staff

We organised a spiritual retreat for our Staff on 9th and 10th October 2023. The retreat, titled “The Inward Journey,” aimed to provide the staff with an opportunity for self-reflection, rejuvenation, and spiritual growth, in the spirit and legacy of their Foundress Venerable Mother Veronica.

It began with prayer led by Tr. Sandra, followed by a warm welcome and introduction of the team by Principal Sr Melissa, who also shared the objectives of the retreat. Sr Carissima, the administrator set the deeply introspective sessions that followed in her introduction talk. Tr Nishain conducted the session on the topic “I am loved by God”, the sharing of God experience by the teachers was very encouraging, which was followed by a reflective prayer led by Sr Juliana.

The second day of the retreat began with a guided meditation helping teachers find inner peace and mindfulness. Through the nature meditation, the guest speaker Mrs Anita Gomes, highlighted the influence of nature on oneself. She spoke about the divine manifestation of love through nature. She also touched upon a sensitive area “My brokenness as a teacher,” where teachers shared their struggles and insecurities. The interaction was truly enriching.

The later part of the morning was led by Tr Helen who spoke on “A Ray of Hope,” inspiring teachers to find resilience and optimism in their profession. She also spoke about forgiveness, faith and gratitude coupled with a few activities. Post lunch, Tr Philomena’s session on “Commitment to love – A new vision,” where teachers were encouraged to cultivate a vision centered on love and compassion. Later Tr Helen highlighted the different strategies to overcome challenges, through various activities.

Srs Teena and Meena had a recapitulation of the retreat and highlighted the vision of an Apostolic Carmel Teacher. The day was wrapped up by prayer led by Sr Supreetha and team. Trs. Sandra and Tr. Jenitha spiked the sessions with their lively songs. Tr Purnima accorded a note of gratitude, while Tr Rakshitha captured all the emotions on the lens.

The retreat indeed was nourishment to the spiritual, professional and personal wellbeing of the staff, which will surely foster a positive and nurturing environment for students.

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