To ensure that the much awaited summer break is a time to relax and rejuvenate our school organised a special “Summer Camp” for the students of UKG to Class V from March 20 to April 19, 2016.

The Camp saw an overwhelming participation by more than 250 students eager to avail the rich experience this camp offered in the form of Dance, Theatre, Yoga, Art and Craft, Outdoor Games, Cooking without fire etc. This year the two special attraction of the camp were ‘Simple Science Experiments’ and ‘Camp Fire’. Apart from this, field trips and Summer Holi were also conducted.

Each day the camp began with Yoga session where the children meditated and learnt different Asanas. Through the art and craft classes children learnt to make various artistic items like the notice board, crown, sponge doll, friendship pins, thermocol ball flowers etc. Our young scientists made volcanoes through mud and saw the eruption, air pressure through balloon and straw and fishing through magnets. They visited the Biology Lab and found joy in experiencing the species preserved for human kind, to learn.

In the cooking classes the children learnt to prepare different kinds of food like juice, snacks, salads and milk shakes. The fun and frolic was in the ‘Summer Holi’ where the children played and enjoyed splashing different colours on each other. It was a good time not only for our campers but also for our students of the crash course as they too joined in and enjoyed thoroughly.

For their field trips, the children visited a Temple, a Church and a Mosque along with Milk Dairy and a Farm House. It was very informative and a different experience. ‘Camp Fire’ was the most enjoyable and memorable one for both the teachers and the students as they had lot of fun dancing and singing round the bonfire. They enjoyed the drinks and food and eating with their camp mates in the school premises.

The Little theatre offered training in English dramatics. The dance floor was always rocking with the dancing feet of our teachers and students to various songs. Shama Parveen Taj and group from Puttur also took the stage to perform their magic tricks and made the summer camp most enjoyable for the students. Our own teacher Ms Neetha also performed various tricks and let out the secret as to how these little tricks can be performed.

The campers also paid tribute to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar on April 14th by putting up a short programme. As the year 2016 is announced “The Year of Pulses”, the students along with the teachers initiated to spread awareness among our parents and students highlighting the benefits of pulses to maintain a healthy life style, through panel discussions, seminars, advertisements and practical sessions. Overall, the students were exposed to invigorating learning sessions with hands-on-experience, this camp concluded on 19th April 2016 with a closing ceremony wherein the students shared their experiences of the camp.

There was a small cultural programme along with a mini exhibition of their learning experiences and objects in their one month course. As the crash course students were in the campus, they too performed action songs during the closing ceremony. The parents were also a part of this closing programme to witness their children perform. The “Summer Camp” was a huge success with the support of the entire faculty of MCCS.