Summer Camp – 2015

Summer Camp – 2015

The teachers of MCCS organized Summer Camp – 2015 from March 30, 2015 to April 17, 2015. The camp was interesting and adventurous to our students from UKG to class V. To make it most exciting, there were number of activities like Art and Craft, Clay Modelling to bring out their creative aspects.

Trekking, outdoor games, treasure hunt were also arranged to enjoy nature with a little adventure and excitement. Cooking without fire too was done to introduce them to the art of culinary. They enjoyed cooking as much to tasting what they prepared with the help of their teachers.

Some simple techniques and Asanas of Yoga were taught to them from a trained instructor Ms. Deekshitha. The highlight of the camp was water games which included rain dance where the students enjoyed ‘the most’.

The summer camp team also visited Pilikula Heritage Village and got some exposure to pottery making and weaving. They went on a trekking to helipad, Maryhill.

The camp was a fruitful and enjoyable experience for our students who were able to discover their hidden talents and abilities, developing social skills of interacting with one another healthily. Indeed it was a memorable time spent in school both for the teachers and students. Mrs. Neeta was the co-ordinator of the event.