Staff Retreat 2023

Staff Retreat 2023

The management of our school organized a day of reflection to the Staff on March 15, 2023. The session began with Sr Carissima ushering the staff towards a day of spirituality through prayerful meditation.

Further, the principal Sr Melissa extended a warm welcome to the keynote speaker, Rev Fr Radolph Raj Pinto, OCD and introduced him to the gathering.

Fr Radolph addressed the staff on the spiritual dimension of life and at workplace through various anecdotes. “For your own spiritual well-being, rejuvenate your inner core, dedicate 10 minutes of your day for yourself and attend to your body and soul directly.” Through these words, he focused on the imperativeness of remaining thoughtless to fast track one’s spiritual well-being. Defining mystics as the ones that are able to see beyond, he stated that relaxing consciously is a preamble for a mystical life.

Further, Fr Rudolph quoted a Spanish priest, St John of the Cross and employed his notions of “Nada- desire-less desire” and expressed how to possess everything means to possess nothing. He deemed us responsible for our own spiritual well-being.

Fr Rudolph resonated Praker J Palmer, an American author’s quote “we teach who we are” indicating how one must never loose sight of our true and first vocation which is to teach a child.

In peroration, Fr Rudolph explained the benefits of spirituality in workplace jotting down four key points – Increased job satisfaction, individual growth and fulfilment, psychological safety, and enhanced creativity. He provided a two fold approach towards spirituality via connectedness with God and through service and compassion.

Teacher Purnima delivered the vote of thanks expressing heartfelt gratitude to the keynote speaker and the school management for organizing a reflective and soul refreshing day.

In conclusion, adoration before the Blessed Sacrament at Maryhill Chapel led the staff into a realm of spirituality and faith.

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