Staff Orientation 2022-23

Staff Orientation 2022-23

A series of Staff Development Programs were organized for the teaching faculty of our school from May 23rd 2022 to May 26th 2022, before the commencement of the new academic year 2022-23. The objective of the program was to usher the staff towards a new beginning and to equip them with the effective teaching and learning practices of an Apostolic Carmel teacher.

The event began on May 23rd with a prayer session, invoking God’s blessings on the new academic year. Sr Melissa, the principal accorded a warm welcome to the teaching faculty and addressed the significant aspects of learning, teaching and growing. Further, she placed on record, her gratitude towards the staff members who have rendered their service and have left for good. She also introduced and welcomed the new staff members.

Sr Carissima, the administrator, well known to the faculty led a session on the Mission and Vision of the Apostolic Carmel Congregation. She signified the identity of an Apostolic Carmel Teacher. She began her talk, motivating the teachers to seek strong faith in God and cultivate the same in the students. Elaborating on the vision and mission of Mount Carmel Central School, she asserted that one must spark innovative thinking, seek spiritual aspirations, enhance emotional competencies and develop ecological sensitivity along with compassion for the needy. Sr Carissima also enlightened the staff on the Founding Mothers of the Apostolic Carmel and their service towards the Society through Education. In conclusion, she illuminated the staff on the power of thinking and creative ways to engage students in the learning process.

The second session of the day was on “Engaging High Impact Teaching” by Dr Ananth Prabhu, Professor and Principal Investigator, Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Center of Excellence, Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management. Sr. Lathika A.C, Vice Principal of the school welcomed and introduced him to the gathering. Dr Ananth Prabhu unraveled the concept of Blended Learning and decoded various pathways for a teacher to deliver and achieve holistic development in a student. Further, he advised the teachers to integrate technology with learning and also demystified the mantra of becoming a better teacher. Providing various techniques to upgrade teaching and learning practice, Dr Prabhu suggested the faculty to conduct a self SWOT Analysis to assess one’s teaching in a classroom. He narrated various anecdotes and highlighted VARK Learning theory. He asserted that teachers must unravel the numerous types of learners in a classroom in order to teach effectively. He also informed the fraternity about hybrid teaching methods, AR/VR teaching techniques, significance of Mind Maps and rehearsing. Chalking out various inputs on High Impact teaching Dr Ananth Prabhu furnished an informative session and suggested the fraternity to constantly upgrade their teaching practice.

Dr Anush Bekal, H.O.D Electronics and Communications, Sahayadri College of and Mr Gopal, Protocol Officer, Mangalore Airport were present on the dais. Ms. Priyanka administered the vote of thanks.

On 24th May,day 2 of the staff orientation, a training session on “Art Integration and Activity based Teaching” was organized by the management in collaboration with the Orient Black Swan Publication. The session was conducted by Mr. John Nogueira, an ELT Spoken English Trainer from Trinity College London. Mr. Nogueira elucidated the significance of Mentorship and sketched the various changes in the Art Integration and Education Policy. He further explained the evolution of NEP in India and its pedagogical approaches. The session was power packed with various activities facilitating Art integration with different subjects. He redefined the role of a teacher in implementing Art Integrated Learning in the process of everyday learning. Providing a creative enquiry into Activity based learning, Mr. Nogueira conducted numerous brainstorming games and activities. The session was then followed by an orientation on text books by Mr. Chetan, a representative of Orient Black Swan Publication. Sr Meena delivered the vote of thanks, appreciating the trainers for conducting an effective and informative session.

On 27th May, asessionwas organized on the “21st Century Skills”in collaboration withThe Oxford University Press. The seminar began with a prayer session, invoking God’s blessings. Ms. Celia in her welcome address, introduced the chief guest, Dr Kusum, a soft skill and technical skill trainer at the Oxford University Press. The seminar was conducted with the goal of attaining professional development in the 21st Century for Education.

Dr Kusum established the basic concept of 21st Century Skills to the audience and further elaborated upon the numerous elements of teaching and learning skills. She also highlighted the significance of 21st Century Skills in a Classroom and taught various methods of inculcating these skills in everyday learning. Dr Kusum guided a variety of hands-on games and activities to expound the integration of 21st Century Skills with Teaching. This interactive session ended on a valuable note of mental health awareness and sensitivity.

Ms. Hannah delivered a vote of appreciation to Dr Kusum, the Oxford University Press and the School Management for providing a joyful learning experience to the teaching fraternity.

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