Spritely Kindergarten Day

Spritely Kindergarten Day

On Friday, 21st December 2018, there was something different in the air. Yes, it was raining talents in the kindergarten section of our School.

The chief guest, along with our Principal Sr. Melissa, Joint Secretary Sr. Maria Jyothi, Administrator Sr. Carrissima, Co-ordinator Sr. Marie Lucy and the PTA Vice President Mr. Ryan Lobo, was ushered in by a Purnakumbha Welcome.

The programme commenced with an invocation of God’s choicest blessing which was led by L.K.G students through a soothing dance. The chief Guest Dr Krishna Prasad, along with the august gathering, was welcomed through a dance performance by the students of L.K.G. The Principal Sr. Melissa then accorded chief guest and the gathering a warm welcome.

The artists of Karnataka were remembered for their contribution by a folk dance of Nursery kids. The bounties of nature were glorified by an action song by the Lower K.G. students. Another batch of tiny tots tapped their feet rhythmically and looked cheerful as they danced the Bengali way. The Konkani dance was so lively, that it set most feet tapping and every heart jiving.

It was amazing to watch the rhythm and synchrony of the L.K.G. students on the stage. Another batch gave an electrifying performance with their gataks, mataks and dolaks. The bee dance performed was an eye opener as to how these insects work and live in harmony.

A befitting, notable and a heart warming act was put up by UKG students as a tribute to the man of the Millennium, Gandhiji on the occasion of his 150th birth anniversary.

Chief guest Dr Krishna Prasad in his speech highlighted the potential our brain has and it can be tapped to its maximum capacity through integrated sensory approach. The kids have the capacity to learn much more than what we are satisfied with. He appreciated the teachers who trained the young minds as they performed on stage excellently.
Coordinator Sr. Marie Lucy in her vote of thanks acknowledged the presence of the guests and parents and appreciated the unstinted effort of the staff.

The performance on Save Environment and Importance of Water by UKG children was an eye opener to the audience to do our small part to conserve and preserve nature and its resources. The programme concluded with a lively tableau by UKG students which depicted the humble birth of the King of kings Jesus Christ with a strong message of love, peace and joy.

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