Sports for Tiny Tots? Why not?

Sports for Tiny Tots? Why not?

It was an overwhelming scene here on the playground of Mount Carmel Central School, when the tender feet ran a race following the rules of the game. And in another obstacle race, few kids were slow, a few fell and some stopped to lend a helping hand forgetting their race. Towards the end they all reached the finishing line keeping the goal in view. Also concentrating to be the first was visibly seen on the faces of our kids in red uniform.

The LKG kids were seen packing their books and placing them neatly in their bags, to get ready for school through their competitive race. A sports event, yet learning to free their Moms of this big responsibility of keeping their school bags ready as they start to school in the morning’s.

The UKG children were on their mark for the ‘Hop and Run’ race and the uproar of ‘up, up’ with thundering claps of tiny fingers chased the budding athletes like rabbits. They released their spritely energy with great bubbling enthusiasm.

It was a day of relaxation for the audience and learning with fun in the open air for the kids.