Scouts & Guides Annual Camp 2023

Scouts & Guides Annual Camp 2023

The Scouts and Guides of our School bustled with life during the three day camp organized for the juniors and seniors from March 29th to April 1st 2023 in the school premises.

On March 29th, 19 juniors took part in the one day camp. They were divided into 4 patrols. The camp began by hoisting the Scout-Guide flag by the colour party. Principal Sr Melissa motivated the students to make best use of the opportunities to learn by participating actively in various activities. The camp continued with the first session by scout master Dhanyashree on kite making. After a short break, the next session was a Trust Building Game and two more adventure based games conducted by senior Scouts and Guides along with the Scout masters and Guide captains. Trust building game helped the students how to tackle adverse situations and stay safe by trusting their teammates.

Post lunch, a session on good touch and bad touch was conducted by school’s life skills teacher Philomena. The next session was Kite flying activity which was held at Helipad, followed by a few recreational games. At the end of the program, all the participants were awarded certificates by Sr. Carissima the administrator of the school, followed by sharing experiences by Scout Vineeth and Guide Samyukta.

The overnight camp for the senior Scouts and Guides commenced on March 31st 2023 in the school premises in which 86 campers took part enthusiastically. The camp began with the prayer song and hoisting the Scout-Guide Flag. The morning session comprised of ‘Cooking without fire’, a group competition to make the children aware of nutritious food and the importance of nutrients in the diet. Students participated enthusiastically by preparing appetizing dishes like Vegetable Salad, Fruit Salad, Chats, Sandwiches, different types of juices etc. The camp continued with the Action songs session by Guide captains and Scout masters. The active participation of the campers was appreciated by special claps.

After the lunch break, a fun and an amazing face mask making activity was conducted by the resource person Mr. Naveen Adkaras, a talented artist, followed by some recreational games and time to prepare for the evening’s cultural event. The campers showcased various talents through patriotic singing, dance and skit based on Scouts-Guides law. After a sumptuous dinner, campers wrote their day report and hit the sack at 10.30 pm.

The next morning, everyone was up at 5.00 am for yoga and BP6 exercises, followed by flag hoisting. Then, all the campers along with the escort teachers went for a Trekking to a nearby place, filled with scenic beauty and thrilling adventurous experiences. The students also engaged in a cleanliness drive in the vicinity.

An informative session about Scouting and Guiding was conducted by Mr. Bharatraj, Assistant State organizing Commissioner of Bharath Scouts and Guides, Dakshina Kannada District. All Faith prayer was held in the hall. Singing hymns of various religions of India created the spirit of unity, harmony and feeling of oneness among the campers.

The camp ended with Camp fire in the evening. Messengers from four cardinals brought the message of Peace, Harmony, Wisdom and Humility. It was time for the students to bring out their latent talents. The presence of their parents was encouraging.

The activities organized helped the students to learn and transform their attitude from ‘What I can get’ to ‘What I can give’. The winners of competitions held during the camp were given prizes and all the campers were awarded with certificates for their active participation by the vice-principal Sr Lathika. She appreciated the enthusiastic participation of the campers, support of the parents and thanked the scout masters and guide captains for taking full responsibility of the camp by meticulously planning different activities.

The winners of the competitions are:
Cooking without fire:

1. Kittur Rani Chennamma
2. Lal Bahaddur Shastri

Best Scout – Daniel Pinto; Best Guide – Neha Andrea Castelino

Best Patrol – Bhagat Singh

“All is well that ends well”. The camp ended with students relishing the ice cream. The campers were led by their Guide Captains Ms Aparna, Ms Ashwitha, Ms Jyotsna and Scout Masters Ms Dhanyashree, Mr Praveen and Ms Sangeetha.

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