‘RENAISTRE’, the 15th Annual Day celebration of Grade IV to VI

‘RENAISTRE’, the 15th Annual Day celebration of Grade IV to VI

Revival is not just an emotional experience. It is the mindful resetting of the mind and soul to align with a nobler and greater will. Recognized for the zeal to renew and revive its educational approach with each passing year, we celebrated its 15th Annual Day “RENAISTRE”, for grade IV to VI on 30 November, 2023.

The programme commenced at 4.30 p.m. in the school auditorium. The arrival of the chief guest was heralded by the Scouts and Guides to the rhythm of the school band. Principal, Sr Melissa AC escorted the Chief Guest Smt. Geetha D Kulkarni, ACP Traffic Sub-Division, Joint Secretary Sr Asha Prima AC, Joint Secretary, along with other dignitaries to the auditorium.

The programme began with a cordial note of welcome extended by the emcees. The significance of the Annual Day was emphasized by elaborating the need to develop talents of the students, to draw out creativity, to foster a spirit of teamwork, to instill a sense of responsibility to our society and to make learners nobler as they rise higher in life. The theme incorporated the Sustainable Development Goals declared by the United Nations that are reflected in the curriculum by the CBSE, under the New Education Policy 2022. The audience was thereafter called upon to witness the glory and grandeur of the theme “RENAISTRE’ which means – a revival, a new beginning and rebirth.

The Orchestra performed a grand symphony mesmerizing the audience with their harmonious and celebratory rhythm. The school choir led the audience in melodious invocation. The mesmerizing welcome dance communicated feelings of warmth and hospitality with their elegant traditional gestures and graceful expressions. The welcome address by the Vice Principal, Sr Teena AC expressed the spirit of family and oneness of Mount Carmel Central School to the Chief Guest, Smt Geetha D Kulkarni, sisters, dignitaries, guests, parents, teachers, friends and well-wishers.

The chief guest Smt. Geetha D Kulkarni in her address listed and appreciated the great achievements of the School and how the Institution has created its unique and impactful place in society. She appreciated the school ambience that caters to the requirements of students in the present scenario and the need to inculcate values in the family since children imitate the parents. Teacher Neena Dsouza thanked the chief guest for her message on behalf of all at MCCS.

An English Skit by the students of grade IV infused with song and dance on the theme of ‘Gender Equality’ highlighted the notion that diversity ought to be celebrated. The school annual report emphasized the activities and achievements of students in the year 2023.The importance of ‘Educating the Girl Child’ was depicted by the students of grade V to enhance the knowledge, skill and status of women in society. Grade VI students showcased a multi-lingual dance drama titled, “The Ascent to Chandrayan –The innovation”, to celebrate India’s journey into the cosmos.

The celebration culminated with the soulful school choir singing the School Anthem in respect to the Alma Mater. The program was efficiently and elegantly emceed by the students Simona, Samarth, Atharv, Elisha, Sharvi and Nandkishore. Kindly click on the YouTube link of the Annual Day programme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0L8QAVeqT8

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