Red Day Celebration by Nursery students

Red Day Celebration by Nursery students

Red balloons, Red colour, Red classrooms – Yes, the Red Day celebration on June 17th was a wonderful learning activity filled with joy, love and fun for the tiny tots of our Nursery. The red colour made the tiny tots feel bright, lively and cheerful.

The day started with prayer song, warm up exercises, rhymes and musical dance. Children were happy to play with red bats, red balls and red caps. Each child came to school with an apple which was then chopped and shared with all during the snack break.

Classrooms were decorated with red colour. The tiny tots were delighted to be in their red uniform. They sang rhymes on red colour, my red balloon…, red red apples…

Children took home paper craft-butterfly, paper fan and paper hat – in remembrance of the Red Day.

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