Our UKG children display models on ‘COMMUNITY HELPERS’

Our UKG children display models on ‘COMMUNITY HELPERS’

The UKG children of our School were vocal about their comprehension on the topic “Community Helpers” through a display of creative and informative models. Community helpers play a vital role in everyone’s life. So, educating about them and knowing their importance is very much necessary at the foundation level of education

The display was on the school ground under the shade and serenity of the plants. The Administrator Sr Carissima inaugurated the event by sliding the cookies in the clay oven model.

The children exhibited models of Community Helpers. Milkman, Baker, Chef, Pilot, Barber, Doctor, Nurse, Traffic Police, Lawyer, Policeman, Gardner, Vegetable/Fruit Vendor, Potter, Porter, Mason, Electrician, Tailor, Soldier, Farmer, Sweeper, Mason and Cleaner etc, were present either in picture form or through live models.

The students of LKG, grade I, II and III viewed this display and appreciated the hard work of UKG students and teachers. Parents too viewed the display. Thus the project on ‘Community Helpers’ educated the students on the importance of all the Community Helpers and our role to acknowledge and appreciate their service to the society.

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