Our Primary Students celebrate the 75th Republic Day

Our Primary Students celebrate the 75th Republic Day

On the auspicious occasion of India’s 75th Republic Day, the primary students of our School orchestrated a memorable and poignant celebration on January 25, 2024. With unwavering dedication, the school community came together to honour the ideals enshrined in the Indian Constitution, creating a tapestry of patriotic fervor and cultural richness.

The celebration commenced with an all-faith prayer service, setting a contemplative tone and invoking a sense of unity and harmony among the children. The Chief Guest Tr Veena Madhusudhan, Art Teacher of our School along with Administrator Sr Carissima and Sr Meena were warmly welcomed in an unique way. This was accompanied with an energetic welcome dance. Grade I A and II E brought out the essence of the occasion in their speech, dance and skit.

The chief guest appreciated and applauded the students for showcasing patriotism in their varied performances. She also commended the teachers for tapping the talents in the children. She advised the children to love, respect and honour our constitution which will pave a path towards being responsible citizens. The resonant notes of the national anthem echoed through MCCS and a collective display of respect ensued as all the children stood up in unison.

Lynn DSouza and Ayush Prashanth welcomed the gathering while Kyra Jain and Sherlyn Lobo expressed words of gratitude. Salomi Albuquerque, Loy DSouza, Shriansh Rai and Ganavi compered the programme. The event not only marked a significant milestone but also instilled pride, unity and commitment to the ideals of the Indian Republic in the hearts of the children and the parents. Sweets added further flavour to the celebration.

After their programme, a few students of grade I A and II E went to the Nursery block and entertained the nursery kids through songs and dances, giving them the significance of Republic Day

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