Our Kindergartners Celebrate Rain, Sunshine and Rainbow Week

Our Kindergartners Celebrate Rain, Sunshine and Rainbow Week

The Children of LKG and UKG of our School celebrated the Rain, Sunshine and Rainbow Week through activity based learning. Children were thrilled to display the rainbow colours through various activities in each class like Paper crushed balls, Collage making, Rainbow Colouring, Sticking streamers, Cotton dabbing, Fan craft, Colourful rings on the cloud, Sticking Colourful ribbons on the Cotton cloud etc.

The entrance gate of the kindergarten decorated with Rainbow colours welcomed the little ones to their colourful classrooms for the finale of the Rainbow week on July 1st. The Children were also given the dress code according to the theme ‘VIBGYOR’. It was a feast to the eyes when the kindergartners formed a huge human rainbow, which seemed like a reflection of the RAINBOW on the Mount Carmel Campus. They also sang the rhymes connected to the activity and made the Rainbow concept concrete.

Their learning was stimulated more, when they walked freely in the nature and the weather favored. The children saw the RAINBOW peep through the bright and pale clouds, as the Sun let out strong white beams on it shine during intervals of Rain and Sunshine.

Indeed these activities were truly a joyful and playful learning experience, of Rain, Sunshine and Rainbow for the kindergartners.

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