National Science Day 2023

National Science Day 2023

National Science Day was observed in our School with the 2023 theme ‘Global Science for Global Wellbeing’. The day marked the discovery of the ‘Raman Effect’ by one of the renowned Physicist of India, Sir C V Raman. Mr Raghvendra G Shetty, the founder director and CEO of RDL was the chief guest for the celebration.

The event commenced invoking God’s blessings through a short prayer service followed by a traditional welcome dance by the students of the Science Club. A cordial welcome was accorded by Jaden and Srujan of grade VIII C. The significance of the day was presented by Saranya of grade VII C. A poetic touch was given to the celebration by Hardik of grade VII C who recited a poem on Science, composed by him. The inauguration effectuated with a fountain of chemicals by the dignitaries.

The chief guest began his address congratulating the participants of the inaugural ceremony as well as those who took part in the exhibition. He reflected on how Science and Technology should walk hand in hand to solve the current societal problems. He also highlighted on how the generation of new ideas is possible through the organization and celebration of such events. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by Suman Louis of grade VIII C and Rochelle Lobo of grade VII A.

After the formal programme, the chief guest was escorted by Principal Sr Melissa and Administrator Sr Carissima to view the exhibits prepared by the students of grade IV to VIII. The chief guest and principal surveyed the exhibition showcased in different rooms and asked about the details from students who made these exhibits. Subsequently, the models were evaluated by the faculty of the school, to award prizes category wise.

The models were based on the topics like Biology of Living Kingdom, Phenomena of Physics, Fun with Chemistry, Mathematical Games, Renewable Resources of energy, Electromagnetism, Nuclear Power Plant, Lunar and Solar Eclipse, Human Heart, Water Filtration, Ramanujan Magic Square, Hydraulic lift, Food Delivery Robot, Stage of Venomous Bite, Flying Cars, Big Bang Theory, Gravity Well, Neutralisation Reaction, Tesla Coil, Hologram etc. The event gave the participants to portray their abilities in displaying scientific temper and innovative skills. It was a clear indication of the interest of children to use every day science to take care of issues in the development of the cities. It also took the children beyond the confines of the syllabus and brought out their creativity and innovation.

The other students, staff, students from the neighbouring schools and a few parents were thrilled to view the exhibits. It was indeed a feast to the eyes and stimulation to the mind. The event was organized by the members of ‘Science Club’ which ended on a positive note inspiring the future innovators of the society.

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