Motivational Workshop Held for Class IX

Motivational Workshop Held for Class IX

In continuation of our 10th year celebration, a very unique workshop was conducted on Sept 9, 2017 to motivate the youth to study better and take up the STEM subjects in new light for better career prospects and increase awareness of the proposed Tinkering Lab.

Neville Rodrigues, a Personality Development Mentor and Aviation Exponent used Paper Planes and his personal aviation experiences to motivate, inspire and encourage the Class IX students to improve their desire to study, be self-motivated and showed them a way on how to achieve their life goals.

He explained how the modern world has thousands of opportunities and the importance of setting a strong foundation from early years is the key and is crucial to great achievements.

The workshop showed how mundane items can be used to create incredible objects when we outgrow in our Creativity, Communication and Confidence. The students were totally amazed by the complex planes made from something as common as paper and expressed that their resolve was strengthened even more. They realised that it is not money alone that really makes things happen. First comes resolve, self-belief and internal goodness/character that make things happen. Financial success is sure to follow.

The school looks forward to conduct such programs and wishes Neville success in his crusade to change the way the youth is thinking about life in general.

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