LKG kids of MCCS celebrating Colours Day

LKG kids of MCCS celebrating Colours Day

July 1st was a Colours Day for 150 kids of LKG at Mount Carmel School.

The day was full of surprises for the kids of 4 sections as they walked into their class rooms in their allotted colour dresses. Their class rooms were decked in red, yellow, green and blue to match the colour of their dress. It was a curious site to see the ribbons, balloons, curtains, toys, fruits, flowers, their teachers saree and their dress according to the class colours.

The day was filled with songs, dance, story, bombing the colour game, finger print. The Nursery and UKG children mingling with them enjoyed their fun.

These surprise elements of class room situation, behaviour, idea, concepts or images given to the kids, play a vital role in their learning with fun.