LKG Kids Exploring Holistic Learning from Eco-Friendly Realities

LKG Kids Exploring Holistic Learning from Eco-Friendly Realities

The LKG Kids of our School explored the holistic learning from eco-friendly realities for about a week.

To underscore the importance of physical health and wellness, the children of LKG A engaged in various physical activities such as meditation, yoga, jogging, and balance exercises. To enhance their cognitive skills, they were taught various games and dances, actively participating in each. As they experienced the joy of physical activities, they gained an understanding of the significance of daily exercise for good health.

The students of LKG B explored the theme of wild and domestic animals. Their visit to the community farm provided a profound learning experience. Witnessing cows and their offspring in their natural habitat, they discovered the source of milk. Upon their return from the cow farm, the children were taught about the forms and by-products of milk and were demonstrated on the preparation of almond milk, by their teacher. They were also served with a cup of almond milk that was prepared, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Additionally, their curiosity was piqued as they constructed a “den” for a toy tiger, complemented by a tiger dance and the game “lamb and the tiger.” They were educated about the endangered tigers and briefed on forest conservation, making it a rich experiential learning journey in the embrace of Mother Nature.

The children of LKG C embarked on an outdoor journey to explore the wonders of plant growth. Guided by their teacher, they were provided with soil, manure, and empty bottles crafted into makeshift pots. With enthusiasm bubbling, they eagerly mixed the soil and manure, filling the bottles with this fertile mixture before carefully planting their chosen plants. Their hands-on experience ignited a sense of joy and curiosity as they delved into the earth. This interactive activity not only provided fun and excitement but also facilitated valuable learning as the children witnessed firsthand the magic of nurturing tiny plants.

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