Kindergarten Graduation Gala 2024

Kindergarten Graduation Gala 2024

We organised the Kindergarten Graduation Day for UKG students on 22nd March 2024, in the school auditorium. The event was held in two batches, the students of UKG A and D graduating first, in the presence of the chief guest Dr Shilpa Hegde, Neuro Developmental Pediatrician and Founder Director of Kalarava, followed by the students of UKG B and C with the chief guest Ms Raina Reshma Rodrigues, Psychologist and Founder Director of Milestones.

The ceremony commenced with a dignified procession featuring the kindergarten graduates along with the chief guests and accompanied by the Joint Secretary Sr Asha Prima, Administrator Sr Carissima, Principal Sr Melissa, Vice Principal Sr Teena and PTA Vice President Mrs Carol Pais as they made their solemn entry into the school auditorium.

The programme began with a prayer service where the kindergarten graduates thanked God, school management, staff and the parents. This was followed by a delightful welcome dance. The welcome speech extended greetings to all the attendees, and saplings were presented to the chief guests of each batch as tokens of love and appreciation.

The kindergarten graduates then shared their experiences and gratitude for the two to three years spent at the school, expressing heartfelt thanks to the management and teachers for the guidance support and learning received. Following this, the graduates solemnly took a pledge to uphold the values instilled in them at Mount Carmel kindergarten, accompanied by a moving rendition of a graduation song.

Principal Sr Melissa addressing the gathering conferred the title and honour to the kindergarten graduates. She congratulated them and encouraged them to continue their journey of learning and growth. An entertaining programme featuring performances by nursery and lower kindergarten students added charm and vibrancy to the occasion.

Chief guests Dr Shilpa Hegde and Ms Raina Reshma Rodrigues delivered inspiring convocation addresses, congratulating the kindergarten graduates and motivating them to strive for excellence in their future learning. They acknowledged and appreciated the management, teachers and the talents of the children of Nursery and LKG in putting up a vibrant performance. They also urged the parents to invest quality time with their children and gave them a few tips for healthy parenting.

The chief guests and the dignitaries then presented the graduation certificates to the kindergarten graduates accompanied by their parents, marking the culmination of their early education and symbolizing their readiness for the next phase of their academic journey. It was indeed a moment filled with joy and gratitude. Refreshments were served to all at the end of the programme.

The Kindergarten Graduation Gala 2024 concluded on a note of celebration, appreciation and gratitude and wishing the tiny graduates a future filled with happiness, success and continued learning.

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