Kindergarten Graduation Day 2015

Kindergarten Graduation Day 2015

The 113 young Kindergarten kids unleashed their talents in front of their teachers and parents during the Mount Carmel Central School – ‘Kindergarten Graduation Day’ which was held at Mother Veronica Auditorium on at 9am.

It was indeed a grand and glorious day, where nearly 113 children’s dreams came true as they were anxiously looking forward to receive their “Graduation Diploma”. Graduation day for these smart kids from kindergarten all clad in their “Graduation Robes” and caps really made this the most memorable day of their lives thus far! They were all beaming with joy and pride amidst their teachers and parents, who were responsible for them to get so far, and earn the graduate status. Convocation Day fills the heart with mixed feelings. Fulfillment and sadness, anxiety and eagerness, say goodbye to the secure life within the kindergarten walls and get ready to explore a new world altogether.

The ‘Kid Graduates’ were escorted into the auditorium in a procession by the school marching band. The celebration began with a meaningful prayer led by the UKG kids, followed by welcome address by teacher Latha. As they say – dance is an expression of laughter, sorrow, joy, happiness, hopes and fears, the talented LKG kids gave a scintillating welcome dance performance. It’s a fervent belief that the true purpose of education is to recognize and unfold the seed of genius already sown within the child. Truly every little spark when kindled in a conductive environment leads to a blending glow and spreads the aura of its success into every human mind.

Sr. Carissima, the Administrator of the School led the tiny graduates in taking the Graduation pledge – and the kids repeated after her. The pledge was followed by the Graduation Song which was sung by all the Graduates who assembled on the stage. Then it was time to hear the kind words of wisdom where the Guest of Honor, Mrs. Vinaya D’Souza, also the mother of one of the UKG graduate of the day, who delivered the convocation address.

Quoting a thought-provoking proverb “I may have the knowledge of scholars, but without love and tolerance in my heart, I’m but a noisy gong”, Ms Vinaya D’Souza enlightened the parents of the graduates saying, “Dear friends, children want to know, they need to know how precious they are to us. As we look at our tiny graduates here today, the sparkle in their eyes, their innocence smiles, carefree life, don’t we all wish to become children again? Why this longing, where did our innocence disappear. Was it not lost amidst the pressure and expectations that life brought our way as we grew? Let this not be their fate”.

Continuing further she said, “Children are born with their own personalities, they have their own dreams. Let us be supportive and encouraging rather than being demanding. We never know they may surpass our dreams for them some day, let’s give them their space and they will win the race. Let’s think about it. It is so easy to find highly qualified, over ambitious individuals these days, but how easy is it to find a person who is at peace with himself, A person, who is truly happy and content in life? Character is very important and a person with a good character will truly succeed. It is our responsibility to help our children to blossom and grow into tolerant dignified human beings and not just empty vessels making noise. They look up to us as their heroes and idols, are we letting them down? We need to be the change we want to see in them, so we can proudly say ‘yes I want you to walk in my footsteps and become who I am’.

Concluding her speech, Mrs. Vinaya D’Souza commended and thanked the dear Sr. Melissa, the Principal; Sr. Carissima, the Administrator; Sr. Janet Maria, the Vice Principal, and the teachers for not just mentoring their little graduates but more importantly for the values they have instilled in them. As our tiny tots are all set to spread their wings and make their first flight, I am sure they will soar to higher and nobler heights and make this their Alma mater stand tall”.

While teachers of UKG – Sumana, Latha and Sandra read the names of the graduates with a few of their qualities, the distribution of graduate diplomas to the “kid Graduates” along with a photo-shot with their daddy’s and mummy’s, was presented to them by Guest of honors Sandeep D’Souza and his wife Vinaya, along with Sr. Carissima and Sr. Janet Maria. It was then time for the tiny graduates to express their gratitude and appreciation which was lovably proposed by few Kindergarten students. The formal programme concluded with vote of thanks proposed by teacher Sandra. As part of cultural programme, there was lots of music, dance and skit performed the Nursery, LKG students, which received loud applaud from the audience. The entire ceremony was compeered by Teacher Richa Pinto.

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