“Honoured by the visit of Superior General”

“Honoured by the visit of Superior General”

The Superior General, Sr. Susheela A.C. visited our school on 12th February 2019 as part of the tour of her province. The visit was anticipated with a great deal of excitement as all the staff prepared to welcome her. A short function was arranged in the school. Some lecturers of Vijaymari Technical Institute were also present.

The function began with a sweet and melodious prayer song sung by some of the teachers, which was followed by the welcome address by the principal. Members of the staff were introduced to Sister. A short Power Point presentation, showing the various activities of the school was screened. She then took the mike and spoke about the role of a teacher, giving a few values and tips to follow, which she called the 7Ups. Her message, lively and inspiring, interspersed with many anecdotes, will live on in every teacher’s heart for a long time. There was a time for questions and interaction, after which followed a photo session with the entire staff. She also interacted with Carmel Blossoms.

The programme ended with a fellowship tea, which knit the Mount Carmel family with its official Head – the Superior General of the congregation with closer and firmer bonds. The event was marked with joy.

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