Health and Hygiene Programme for Classes IV TO VI

Health and Hygiene Programme for Classes IV TO VI

Way back education was just about marks and grade. But today every institution strives to cater to holistic education. To help engage students of classes IV – VI of our school in this holistic education which includes things they are supposed to know, understand and follow, certain do’s and don’ts about their well being in activities of daily life, an informative and useful talk was organised on 13th June, 2019.

Areas such as personal hygiene and cleanliness, growth and menstrual cycle, effects of junk and fatty food were addressed by Dr. Shannon Fernandes, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Father Muller Medical College who gave valuable inputs to the students about the science behind menstruation and myths surrounding it. The girls were taught basic hygiene that should be maintained during menstruation. A short activity on proper hand wash was also conducted during the session where the students were shown the six steps of proper hand washing. Practical steps to stay safe and maintain hygiene routine was also discussed. Through power point presentation, the secession was made more illustrative and interesting.

Simultaneously Dr. Rithesh DCunha, Consultant Anesthesiologist, Father Muller’s Medical College addressed the boys of class IV to VI on topics such as personal hygiene, cleanliness, growth and respect for girls. Participants learnt many important things about personal hygiene which are very essential for a better life style and to maintain good health.

Both the groups remained interested and interactive during the session. They were happy and excited to clear their doubts and make use of the acquired knowledge in their daily life to maintain a better social, mental and physical health in the sensitive issues of life.