Gleeful Christmas celebrations – 2015

Gleeful Christmas celebrations – 2015

Christmas is a time of peace, joy, hope and a time to give and forgive. Celebrated everywhere as a joyous family event, we too, at MCCS celebrated this day with gaiety on December 23, 2015 as a happy bonding of the staff and students in a family spirit. The kindergarten kids enjoyed their Christmas celebration on December 22.

The programme was conducted by the students of class V B and C. They began with a prayer service and readings from the Bible followed by a prayer dance. Nidhi welcomed the gathering. She stressed on the significance of the birth of Jesus and the celebrations worldwide.

A section of the class welcomed their fellow mates by singing a melodious carol – ‘Silent Night’ in hindi – ‘Shanthi Ki Raat’. The whole school echoed with the holy hymn sung by the students.

A group of boys danced to a peppy number – ‘Jingle Rocks’. It was entertaining to see them swaying to those fast beats. A short drama ‘Nativity Scene’ was presented, highlighting the significance of items used to decorate during Christmas.

Why do boys have all the fun? Our girls are not less either. It was time for our girls to showcase their talents. They too tapped their feet making everyone in the auditorium to clap their hands.

Santa too made a grand entry in the school auditorium packed with the children. The delight was uncontained especially as he came down to greet them personally.

The Principal Sr. Melissa appreciated the meaningful and creative performance put up by the students of Class V B and C. In her message she said that Christmas season is one of the happiest times of all the year, filled with warm memories and full of excitement. Jesus, whose birthday we celebrate at Christmastime, is our Friend and His love is never changing. On this joyous occasion, she wished everyone a very happy Christmas and a peace filled, prosperous New Year 2016. Faye Rodrigues and Ayushi Singh compeered the programme, Sean DSouza proposed the vote of thanks.

Once the programme came to an end, the students celebrated Christmas in their classrooms along with their respective class teachers, sharing Christmas Kuswar, cakes etc with one another. It was a joyous and happy day to all at MCCS heralding the dawn of Christmas 25th December 2015.

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