Gandhi Jayanthi and Cleanliness Drive

Gandhi Jayanthi and Cleanliness Drive

Gandhi Jayanthi together with Cleanliness Drive was organized by our school on October 2, 2014, heeding to the call given by the Honourable Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi. The students, teachers and a few parents of Mount Carmel gathered on our school grounds at 8.30 am for a short prayer session which gave motivation for the Cleanliness Drive. Each class was assigned a definite portion to be cleaned up prior to the assembly.

The kindergarten children picked up the dry leaves fallen on their playground, Classes 1 to 3 cleaned their classrooms, Classes 4 and 5 took charge of cleaning the school building within, while class 6 kept the school premises tidy and class 7 and 8, the public roads leading up to Padavinangady and Helipad.

Teachers and children with brooms and thrash bags carried out this Cleanliness Drive with all enthusiasm to keep India clean. After a few hours of hard work, the students gathered once again on the school grounds to refresh themselves with soft drinks.

Students of classes 9 to 12 along with their teachers gathered at Kadri Park near KPT at 8.30 am in collaboration with Rotarians and Inner Wheel club members to help clean in and around the Kadri Public Park. The symbolic wearing of white T Shirts given by Rotarians boosted their spirits to actively participate in the Cleanliness Drive.