Fresh, juicy and colourful Fruit Corner at KG section

Fresh, juicy and colourful Fruit Corner at KG section

The delicious and nutritious fruits play an essential part of our daily diet, keeping us fit and fine for a healthy living. We at MCCS believe and follow the old adage of eating healthy and staying fit. To develop the habit of eating fruits in children, the KG students of our school held a ‘Fresh Fruit Day’ on February 5, 2016.

Every child was asked to bring a fruit each, to celebrate the significance of this healthy and joyous celebration. It was a delight to the five senses to see the oranges, grapes, apples, papayas, watermelons and bananas in different shape, size and colour and to peel the fruit, to smell the mixture, but not the least to taste the yummy fruit salad. The tiny tots learnt and understood the importance of washing the fruits before eating and the benefits of eating the fresh fruits.

Children sang the fruit rhymes with great zest, enthusiasm and vigour, enjoying the moments of happiness and joy on this special day. They also spoke about the nutrient value of each of the fruit. The herculean task of chopping and carving the fruit into salad was thoroughly enjoyed by our ever energetic kindergarten staff.

Who said “My child doesn’t eat fruits”? This delicious fruit salad was savoured by the strength of 700 KG students. Our school staff also got to taste the yummy salad prepared by our tiny tots.