Exploring Educational Horizons for UKG Students

Exploring Educational Horizons for UKG Students

In an initiative of interactive education, we organized a series of engaging activities tailored for the UKG students.

Children from UKG A had an activity on learning U–Vowel, three letter words. Children were divided in groups of six each and were provided with letter alphabet dice and a u-vowel, two letter word and flash cards. They had to roll the dice and form a 3 letter word, read it aloud to the group and to the whole class. They wrote the same word on the black board for the class to read and then write in the notebook along with pictures. Later a short story was read out to identify the U-Vowel words. This joyful VAKT activity created interest in the children to enhance their vocabulary.

The children of UKG B learnt one of the primary arithmetic operation – Addition, plus ‘+’ and equal to ‘=’ sign through experiential learning. The mentor put two objects together to make one group with different objects and unveiled the concept of addition after which the sign of addition ‘+’ and equal to ‘=’ was introduced, followed by hands on activities. Children joyfully learnt the concept of addition using themselves as figures along with the materials like balls and pebbles, plants from the environment.

The little ones of UKG C learnt the rhyme “Working on the Farm” and the process of farming. They pretend-played as caretakers of a magical farm. Armed with toy shovels and watering pots, they mimicked the actions of farmers, planting seeds and tending to the crops. Through this playful role-play, kindergarteners learnt about the importance of nurturing plants, animals, and the land. Their curiosity and eagerness to learn turned every activity into a joyful learning experience, fostering a deep appreciation for the natural world around them.

The students of UKG D were pleasantly surprised as they walked into a world of animals created for them by their teacher. A variety of 3 dimensional models, toys, cutouts of animals and their homes aroused the curiosity of our little ones.They had opportunities to explore and visually feast on the homes of animals presented in the classroom like kennel, pen, sty, stable, cowshed and many more. The little ones were very happy and excited as they explored the creative environment of animals that also included the young ones of the animals displayed. A variety of related activities like matching the animals with their young ones and singing songs on animals were conducted after which, the children were taken outside to play games zooming into the animal home. The day ended on a joyful note as the children watched Gazoon, a funny animal movie.

This was a wonderful learning experience for the little ones not only to acquire knowledge but also to hone essential skills crucial for their future academic journey.