Excellent Results in Grade XII Board Exams 2024

Excellent Results in Grade XII Board Exams 2024

The 10th batch of Grade XII students of our school have excelled in the CBSE Board Exams held in March 2024. Among the 48 students who took the exam, 7 achieved scores above 90%, 11 between 80 to 90%, 13 between 70 to 80% and the remaining students scored between 60 to 70%.

Thaneesha secured the top position in the school with an impressive 97%, followed by P Saanvi and Mohammed Ahsan Bagsaria with 94.8% in second place and Jayden Ethan Tauro with 94% in third place.

The Management, Principal, Staff, Students and Parents of MCCS are proud of the excellent results in grade XII and extend their heartfelt congratulations to the toppers as well as to all the students of grade XII and wish them continued success in their future academic endeavours.

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