Excellent Results in CBSE Class XII – 2021

Excellent Results in CBSE Class XII – 2021

the 7th batch of empowered students of Class XII of our School went through the New Scheme of Evaluation based on Class X, XI final Exam marks and the continuous evaluation of Class XII during the year, without the final Board Exams of 202, due to the Pandemic hurdles. Out of 28 students, 8 students scored above 95%, 9 above 90% and the rest above 80% with the school securing cent percent. A fresh flow of determined efforts to shape their future!

Jashan Chhabra and Nishkal Rao top the school with 97.2% (486/500) each, while Nikita Marina Saldanha stands 2nd with 95.8% and Pratham Kiran K stands 3rd with 95.6%.

The other students who scored above 95% are Ashritha Udupa (95.4%), Deepa Robert K (95.4%), Mohammad Adil Shabier (95.2%) and Arav Chaturvedi (95%)

The students who scored 90% and above are Gargi Yadav, Neema Naveen DSouza, Tarun S Hegde, Caroline Castelino, Melanie Lyan Dsouza, G.Ricky Rich, Keagan Rominic Menezes, Larrel Jessica Coutinho and Niveditha Bala.

The management, Principal, staff, students and parents of our School congratulate the toppers and all the students of class XII and appreciate their success. We are proud of you dear students and our well wishing go with you for a better tomorrow.

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