English Guest Lecture by Neetu Narayan

English Guest Lecture by Neetu Narayan

An exciting guest lecture was organized for the students of class XI and XII on October 1 and for class IX on October 5, 2015 by Mrs. Neetu Narayan, a journalist turned film director.

The topic covered for class XI and XII was ‘Factual Description’ and ‘Report Writing and for class IX it was ‘writing for audio-visual media’.

In the first segment on October 1, the students were introduced to factual description with the help of power point presentation and group activities. Groups of five were given topics like bull, fridge, and bike. Each group had to present various ideas for factual description writing. In the second segment, they were briefed about ‘report writing’. They were asked to write a report on a fire accident that took place to get the hands-on experience of writing one.

On October 5, the students of class IX had a joyful experience in the company of Mrs. Narayan, where she had given a detailed seminar on writing for audio-visual media. She had done a power point presentation on ‘do’s and don’ts’ while writing for the two different mediums. Carving a niche for herself in the field of media, she spoke about her first experience working in the media field as a journalist and then going on to become a director for her documentary film ‘My Wish My Honour’.

The session was interactive and fun-filled along with visuals that were played on the screen. This helped the students to know and understand how the writing takes place for media, keeping in mind the target audience.

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