Diwali celebration 2013

Diwali celebration 2013

Diwali is a celebration of triumph of good over evil, joy over despair, hope over despondency, light over darkness, righteousness over treachery and truth over falsehood. This is epitomized as the festival of lights. Lights have a deep significance in Indian culture. Lights are solemn part of every celebration, new endeavor and also have a sanctifying significance in rituals and prayers. This is the biggest festival in the country and is celebrated with pomp, fervor and enthusiasm.

Kannada Rajyostava, a day we Kannadigas devotedly remember our dear State Karnataka in which we have taken birth, inherited culture and a unique way of living in the diverse land of India. On this day (1, November) we adore and pay our homage and respect to her.

The students of class V for seniors and class II for juniors had the privilege to celebrate twin festivals in Mount Carmel Central School on October 31 and November 1, 2013.

In appreciation to our Kannada Nadu the students depicted the culture of our land through folk dances and expressed the significance of the day in our State language Kannada, so as to cherish the wealth of our land by them and for the generations to come.

Thereafter the students meaningfully brought out the significance of light through a skit presenting the modern evils which needs to be cast off by the LIGHT. Different scenes of evil were presented before the students in the open air stage.(GREED, CORRUPTION, LUST, INJUSTICE, KILLING AND SOCIAL SINS).

Thus the students depicted how dark powers and evil designs have taken over the face of this world. It was indeed a joy to see all the students finally on the stage with lighted lamps and the lit diyas all around the stage added the real celebration of Diwali. Everyone had a message to carry along with as they celebrate this great festival of India in their families. Ms Sylvia and Ms Ashwini gave meaningful messages to the students on both these events.