Deepavali and Kannada Rajyothsava – 2017

Deepavali and Kannada Rajyothsava – 2017

We owe our birth to our mother but our life to our State ‘Karnataka’, thus declared proudly the students of Grade I A and II E. The very State who has nurtured us to become what we are today, industrialists, agriculturists, economists, educationalists, IITians, politicians, missionaries above all sensitised human beings, has also nurtured all of us with her blend of beauty, brain and boldness.

The unification of all kannada speaking regions integrated into a State in the year 1956 on November 1st. Accordingly it was named Mysore. In 1973 the State of Karnataka was officially renamed. The programme commenced invoking God’s choicest blessings, praise and thanks giving for the bounties received from the Almighty through a graceful dance. The various songs and dance exhibited by our students wearing emotion of pride highlighting the rich heritage and culture of our State was worth watching. Every child of India has always been narrated two tales – one about Satya Harishchandra and another Punyakoti. The students gave an overwhelming performance on the fable Punyakoti thus arousing in every student the virtue of truthfulness and honesty. The best of all, the programme was in the State language ‘Kannada’ and the little ones performed so well that they impressed everyone present.

Another set of students adorned the stage in their colourful shimmering costumes and ‘diyas’ who danced to glory and lit the light of the festive season of ‘Deepavali’ once more. The Chief Guest, our Kannada teacher Mrs. Ashwini cited in her message the role of responsibility and honesty through a heart touching Kannada poem. The programme concluded wherein all the artists came on stage in unity and pride.

Class of VI B and C hosted a similar programme for classes IV – X. The programme commenced with the prayer song. Drishya B K of class VI B welcomed the gathering. The significance of the day was given by Ashuthosh Sharma and Anubhav Savur of class VI C. A short skit was enacted depicting the importance of using Kannada as a State language which was followed by a dance performance on the culture of Karnataka. A group of singers sang a song highlighting the various achievers of Karnataka in different fields. A dance on lights lingered the mood of Deepavali in the students. The chief guest of the day Mrs. Reshma D`Souza, our Kannada teacher addressing the students brought out beautifully the values of loving one’s own language and respecting other languages. Anchan Shenoy of class VI C delivered the Vote of Thanks. The program ended by singing the State Anthem – Jaya Bharatha Jananiya Tanujate.

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