‘Crescendo’ unfolded during the 14th Annual Day celebration of Grade I to III

‘Crescendo’ unfolded during the 14th Annual Day celebration of Grade I to III

We celebrated the 14th Annual Day of Grade I, II and III on Wednesday, November 30, 2022 with the theme “Crescendo – Growing Up”. Dr Hilda D’Souza, the Principal of Father Mullar College of Allied Health Sciences, and Shri S L Bhoje Gowda, MLC, Govt of Karnataka were the chief guests for the occasion. Principal Sister Melissa along with the members of the Management, the PTA Vice President Mrs Jennifer Fernandes and other PTEC members were honoured with traditional Poorna Kumba Swagatham performed at the main entrance gate and ushered in to the auditorium by the school band and the NCC cadets. It was an occasion of feast and festivity which included the celebration of the talents of our students.

God’s benevolence was invoked by students of Grade II. The gathering was gracefully welcomed by the students of Grade III through the welcome dance and words of welcome were expressed warmly by the students. Then Grade I, II and III unveiled the theme “Crescendo’… Growing up” step by step. Students of Grade I strongly portrayed the family values coupled with vibrant dances depicting on how the families scaffold the life of a child. The students of Grade II artistically exhibited the catastrophic proliferation of technology on students during pandemic through music, movement and drama. They also highlighted to bring about a change which is the need of the hour.

The annual report was presented with joy and pride showcasing the dazzling moments of achievement marching towards our school motto the “Higher and Nobler” during the year 2022. The chief guests Dr Hilda D’Souza and Shri S L Bhoje Gowda were introduced to the audience by Principal Sr Melissa during the stage programme.

The chief guest Dr Hilda D’Souza in her message urged parents at the formative age of the children to give time to mould them, to take care of their emotions, to listen to them, to reinforce them with positives, to guide them to respect the opposite gender, to teach them to be responsible in whatever way they can.

The other chief guest Shri S L Bhoje Gowda urged parents to build interest in their children, to support their children’s talents and dreams, and to teach them to be good citizens of our country.

Teacher Neesha proposed the vote of thanks. The students of Grade III gave a boost to the theme ‘Crescendo’ depicting the importance of making the right choices in the formative years through a dance drama.

Kindly click the link to view the programme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hllWr87rfY0

It was indeed a feast of talents by the budding generation at Mount Carmel Central School. The programme culminated by singing the School Anthem.

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