Competitions Galore on the occasion of Independence Day 2023

Competitions Galore on the occasion of Independence Day 2023

A number of competitions were conducted for the students of Nursery to grade XII on the occasion of Nation’s “Independence Day” under the theme “India and its symbols”.

The creative minds of students are limitless, and they need occasion to bring out that creativity. Nursery kids confidently participated in the Fancy Dress competition depicting the National Symbols. The students of LKG artistically coloured the National flag, while students of UKG matched and coloured the national symbols. Grade I students made a tricolor bookmark and grade II, the artistic and creative tricolour flowers. A tricolour badge each was made by the students of grade III while grade IV brought life to the national symbols by their art of vegetable print. The students of grade V were engaged in doing tricolour wall hangings and grade VI, a fresh, healthy and absolutely delicious tricolour salad dressing. Grade VII wrote creatively apt slogans related to our country while grade VIII designed the rangoli with tricolour flower petals. From the artistic hands of grade IX and X emerged the amazing pencil sketches of freedom fighters, and the senior most, grade XI and XII students paid tribute to the Nation through their melodious patriotic singing.

All in all, these competitions gave to the students a unique opportunity to connect with the history of India and its symbols, to appreciate the sacrifices of freedom fighters, thereby increase their spirit of patriotism and love for the country.

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