Children’s Day 2015

Children’s Day 2015

Children’s Day was celebrated on the 18th of November, 2015 in the School Auditorium in a befitting manner, as November 14th was declared a holiday by the D.C. due to a bundh in Mangalore.

The programme began with a prayer service. The Principal, Sr. Melissa, addressed the students on the significance of Children’s Day and wished all a happy Children’s Day.

The teachers took the responsibility of the cultural programme. The song by the teachers, wishing the students a Happy Children’s Day set a joyous note. This was followed by a lively dance, which the students enjoyed. A poem composed by one of our teacher, on Jawaharlal Nehru, was recited and a song with its video, “Thank God for Kids” was played. The programme went on to have two very scintillating dances, by the teachers, which set our audience on their feet! In between these dances was a riotous comedy act which sent the students into peals of laughter!

The highlight of the programme was the Mock Fashion Show. The sight of all the teachers doing the ramp walk in pairs in ridiculous, yet charming outfits sent waves of thunderous applause and brought the roof down!

The last but not the least on the programme was “Garam Masala”, a dance medley that drone the students to their feet. Such was the electrifying atmosphere that it was very hard to contain the students; Both students and teachers enjoyed themselves immensely.

The programme was concluded with a few words of appreciation and thanks from the Head Girl, Ms. Radhika Bansal, on behalf of the students. The National Anthem was sung, and as the students left the hall in merry mood, they were given ice-cream, which was a perfect conclusion to a lovely afternoon.