Celebration of “Rashtriy Poshan Maah”

Celebration of “Rashtriy Poshan Maah”

A number of activities were organized under “Rashtriy Poshan Maah” introduced by CBSE, to create awareness in our students by adhering to COVID-19 protocols.

During the online classes, the value of healthy and balanced diet was discussed. Meetings were held in online mode with regard to Nutrition and its relationship to physical and mental health and well-being. Nutritionist Ms Monisha Crasto created consciousness in the little minds, less by speech and more through visuals, interaction and examples. She emphasized the role of nutrients in building up our immunity to fight diseases especially now during the pandemic. The session ended with an informative quiz and active participation of the little children.

The students of class VI did the project on Plant Drive in our nutritious kitchen garden. One could see vegetables like spinach, ladies finger, long beans, corn and chilly being tended. A plantain grove is the delight of their project.

As a part of this celebration, children were encouraged to share a nutritious meal with at least one child from the underprivileged group in their neighborhood. Our NCC unit took this as their service project to distribute nutritious food kits to the poverty stricken children of our locality. This motivation enthused their families to contribute towards the wholesome food project.

Kindly click on the link for the detailed video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4K-dEqNFtZM

The entire celebration boosted a healthy mind in a healthy body with feelings of unity and harmony among the children of their age.