Celebration of National Science Day and ATL Day – Middle School

Celebration of National Science Day and ATL Day – Middle School

We witnessed an exuberant and enlightening celebration of National Science Day and Atal Tinkering Day on 28th February 2024, commemorating the discovery of Raman Effect. The event was marked by an array of insightful presentations, engaging exhibitions, and interactive sessions aimed at fostering a deeper appreciation for science and technology among students and attendees.

The programme was hosted by the members of Science Club and ATL Club, which commenced with a prayer service led by a group of students setting a tone of reverence. Viona accorded a warm welcome, extending greetings to all present specially the Chief Guest Dr Vincent Crasta, professor, Department of Physics, St Joseph’s Engineering College.

The inaugural ceremony, symbolizing a commitment to sustainability, commenced with the presentation of five coloured waters with different density – blue, green, yellow, orange and red, representing the ethos of sustainable living. The Chief Guest Dr Vincent Crasta along with Principal Sister Melissa, Administrator Sister Carissima, juries of the Exhibition and the in charge teachers inaugurated the Science and Atal Tinkering Lab Exhibition, marking the official commencement of the day’s festivities.

Anurag, Tisha, and Brinstan elucidated the significance of the day, shedding light on the Raman effect and Raman Scanner, captivating the audience with their insightful presentation. A mesmerizing dance performance by the students showcased rhythm and grace, adding a burst of artistic expression to the event.

In his address, the Chief Guest Dr Vincent Crasta emphasized the pivotal role of science and technology in driving human progress, inspiring the young minds to pursue scientific inquiry and innovation. His message urged the teachers and students to develop a spirit of active questioning and focused exploration, so that our nation can produce many more C.V. Ramans who will propel the world of science. The inaugural ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks by Anish, expressing gratitude to all who contributed to the success of the event. The program was skillfully emceed by Jokitha, Vanshika and Adithi, who ensured that the event was smoothly orchestrated.

Following the inaugural ceremony, the Chief Guest and the other dignitaries explored the Science and Atal Tinkering Lab Exhibition, observing both working and non-working models. The Chief Guest interacted with the students, listening to their explanations and commending their work. He lauded the school for providing a platform for nurturing scientific curiosity and creativity among the students.

The team of judges that included Mr Shrikanth K.A., Project Manager, Vitvara Technologies; Mr Naveen, ATL Trainer; Ms Roopa Menezes, Teacher, Cambridge School; Ms Riyona DSilva, Teacher trainee, St Ann’s College of Education; Mr Rashmith Shetty and Mr Nidarsh Shetty, Engineering Students of Sahyadri Engineering College, evaluated the models on display, based on predefined criteria, that fostered a spirit of healthy competition among the participants.

The students had the opportunity to explore the exhibition, sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with their peers. The event concluded on a high note, with students enthusiastically sharing their insights and experiences, inspiring a renewed zeal for scientific exploration and innovation among all present. In the afternoon, parents too flocked to see the exhibition and appreciated the efforts of the students, their mentors and the school. Thus the School’s Science Day and Atal Tinkering Day celebration truly exemplified the spirit of inquiry, creativity and collaboration, inspiring the next generation of scientists and innovators.