Celebration of National Science Day 2022

Celebration of National Science Day 2022

We celebrated the National Science Day on 28th February, 2022. The Science Club members organized this day for the seniors to mark the discovery of the Raman Effect of 1928 by the Indian Scientist Sir C.V Raman with the theme “Integrated approach in science and technology for a sustainable future”.

The programme began with a short prayer service followed by words of welcome by Ria. Our own biology lecturer Mrs Vidya Rai was the chief guest. The significance of the day was highlighted by Jason, Shreshta Rao and Samanvitha. A poem on Science was recited by Rayden.

The budding scientists of MCCS – Neha, Shreshta, Tushar, Kryslyn, Samarth, Alister, Prajwal, Rean and Vedhya demonstrated a few colourful experiments which arouse the curiosity of the young minds. Aishani and Hana shared a few science related riddles. A humourous interview was conducted by Abigale and Angel.

The Chief Guest Mrs Vidya Rao inspired and motivated the students through her message. Principal Sr Melissa appreciated the students for putting up an unique programme, not with dances and songs this time, but with variety of activities and experiments which is food for the mind, enkindling a desire for innovation and scientific temper. The vote of thanks was proposed by Aanya and Kryslyn. Akshaya and Arka compered the programme.

The students of Kindergarten to Grade III too paid a fitting tribute to the physicist Sir C.V. Raman and celebrated the National Science Day uniquely. The programme commenced invoking and thanking God for His creation of this universe. “Tiny to Significant”, the plant life was presented in a creative manner by the students of Kindergarten. The introduction to their different topics – health and hygiene, balanced diet, sky and energy was very well articulated by the students. The ambience was vibrant with the still models of different types of habitat for human beings and birds. The marvellous and magnificent working models of sky and energy, the glorious solar system with its gravitational bond, temporary obscurity in the solar and lunar eclipses, solar energy, the functioning of the wind mill, the facts behind harvesting the rainwater, the marvel of hydro electricity, the openings and vents about the volcanoes, the beauty in the formation of rainbow, the rationale behind day and night, that is… rotation and revolution of earth, Mars Orbiter Mission spacecraft-Mangalyaan, and Nebula a distinct body of interstellar clouds. All these and many more models surely paved a path for the students to become astronauts. The well prepared and presented healthy food like green salads, sprouted salads, fruit salad, juices and kashaya along with the different models of hygiene made everyone realize that health and hygiene is the need of the hour. The students with the support of their parents and teachers truly exhibited their incredible talents.

The chief guest Sir Suman Lasrado from the Department of Computer Science, in his message interacted with the students and urged them to show interest in experiments and technology so that we are well prepared with the scientific tempo needed for NEP. A true tribute indeed to our great physicist Sir C.V. Raman on the National Science Day!!!