Career Guidance Programme to Class X : 2017

Career Guidance Programme to Class X : 2017

On Saturday, 22 July, 2017, a half day Career Guidance programme was organized by the school for the students of class X which was conducted by Anirveda Foundation, Mangalore.

The programme began with a prayer after which Ms. Shweta, Director of Anirveda briefed the students about the various sessions of the day.

In the first session, she enumerated the three factors which the students need to take into consideration while choosing a career that is best for them by giving examples of three real life cases. She stated that personality and vocation, interest, aptitude and ability are the key factors for pursuing a successful career.

To help in narrowing down the career option, the students were given 20 minutes to jot down the top five professions they would wish to pursue in the order of their priorities. They were asked to state five pros and cons for choosing each of the five options. This was followed by an aptitude and interest test with the aim of helping them to choose their next course of studies and profession.

Ms. Benzita of Anirveda explained the profession the students could choose depending on their skills in various areas. She listed various professions according to the skills and abilities of a person like closure ability, clerical ability with the help of a power point presentation.

The last session of the programme was conducted by Ms. Ranjani of Anirveda. She highlighted the new career opportunities available in the recent years. The programme was concluded by delivering the Vote of thanks by the Head boy, Craig D’ Souza.

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