Awareness Programme on Road Safety

Awareness Programme on Road Safety

The tragic accident that took place at Movady cross, Trasi, Udupi district, taking away the lives of eight children on their way to school in a Maruthi Omni when a private bus collided with it on 21st June, called for immediate action for the safety of the school children at Mt. Carmel School.

In response to this, a meeting of the drivers of all the vehicles bringing the school children and the parents was arranged for on 25th June at 11.45 am in our school hall for the awareness programme on Road Safety and to discuss measures for stepping up safety norms for vehicles carrying children to the school.

The gathering of about 60 drivers of vehicles and around 200 parents showed that the cooperation of all the stakeholders – the Head of the institution and staff, parents, vehicle owners and drivers and the police department – is essential in this move.

The Principal Sr. Melissa A.C. with a brief introduction welcomed the gathering seeking active involvement of all present in the prevention of road accidents. The Police Inspector of Kavoor Police station Mr. M. Nataraj and Sub Inspector Mr. Umesh Kumar were the speakers of the day. They briefed the drivers of the safety measures to be taken by them while bringing the children to the school, also on what the rules say as notified by the state government for vehicles transporting school children. Mr. Nataraj also spoke on drug abuse by youth, being World Anti Drug day. They asked the parents and school authorities to cooperate in the Road Safety of the school children, assuring of their full support from the Police department.

The meeting also provided an opportunity for the school to get the first hand information from the drivers their name, address, telephone no., vehicle no., number of children they bring to school and the starting point which will also add to the safety measures.

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