Awareness on Teenage Problems held for Class IX to XII

Awareness on Teenage Problems held for Class IX to XII

‘A healthy body makes a healthy mind’

An extremely informative orientation programme was conducted on the 7th June, 2019 for the students of Classes IX to XII of our School. The topic “Eliminating suicidal tendencies among present Youth” was addressed by Mr. Sanjeeth Rodrigues, M.Sc. counseling, psychology, the founder of “Mind over Matter”, who gave valuable inputs to the students on the importance of having a healthy mind, which in turn, contributes to a healthy body. Having a good experience of counseling students he advised the students on how to overcome addictions and to remain happy in life. He said that meaningful relationships help one to have a long life. He also stressed that while choosing a career one should focus not just on earning money but what one feels at ease with.

He conducted a few activities to give the students a practical notion of behavioral pattern among youth, like peer pressure. Students remained active and interested during the session.

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