Annual Sports Meet : Nursery to Class III

Annual Sports Meet : Nursery to Class III

For a Nation starved of success at the Olympics, Sports Day for the classes Nursery – III was conducted on November 4, 2016 with strands of hope on the their faces ready and steady to win. The spirit of friendly competition comes alive on this day, as the children participate in a wide range of sports events, cheer on their teammates and learn valuable lessons in sportsmanship.

The Nursery and Kindergarten students had their events in the morning session. The tiny tots assembled on the grounds at 9.00 am and had their track events first. The young hearts were excited to see the ground marked in white lines. Various events like Snake Race, Partner Race, Bunny Race, Colour Relay etc. were conducted for their category. Children were seen excited to participate and cheer for their favourites’.

Classes I, II and III had their events in the afternoon session. Students with colourful caps were happy to participate in 50 meters race, Backward Running, One Legged Race, Lemon and Spoon etc. The ground was filled with loud cheer for the finalists.

The sports meet concluded by felicitating the winners with medals and certificates.