9th Annual Day of Classes V – XII : 2016

9th Annual Day of Classes V – XII : 2016

MCCS pays homage to Mother Teresa, Farmers and Soldiers

There is a great saying:  “Real education fetches you more than a job. It teaches you to live. It cannot be measured in any tangible way.” Keeping in tune with this famous adage, the staff and students braced themselves to give the best performance and showcase their talents to the gathering.

The 9th Annual Day celebration of Classes V to XII was celebrated on December 2, 2016. Fr. Swebert D’Silva S.J, Principal of St. Aloysius College, autonomous graced the event as the Chief Guest.

The programme began at 4.00 p.m. with the arrival of Fr. Swebert D’Silva S.J accompanied by the school Administrator – Sr. Carissima A.C, Principal – Sr. Melissa A.C., PTA Vice President, Mr. Ananthesh Prabhu, PTA Joint Secretary, Mrs. Roshni Pinto. The dignitaries were welcomed by the School Band and Poorna Kumbha Swagatham.

The audience was pulled up into the world of music with their soul-stirring Orchestra. The event began by humbling ourselves before the Creator of this Universe, thanking him for His blessings and soliciting to continue His guidance on the MCCS family. It was pursued by a welcome dance in a customary form “Aralida Hoogala Tande” by the classical tappers, greeting the guests, parents and the well wishers.

The principal, Sr. Melissa A.C addressed the esteemed gathering and sprinkled her warm words of genial greetings to invite everyone to savour the essence of the programme.

The United Nations declared the year 2016 as the International Year of Pulses. Keeping this in view, the students of class V paid their tribute to the Indian farmers and the world at large, through a series of dynamic and vibrant dance forms belonging to the respective countries.

As a drive to contribute to the initiative taken by UNESCO to help control unendurable pollution, the students of class VI presented a series of dances foregrounding the increasing need to plant more trees, thereby to save nature.
‘Vande Mataram, I praise thee, mother’ is a hymn sung in praise and love towards our nation. The vocalists, along with the school orchestra well expressed their patriotism for our motherland through their melodious voices.

To be merciful like the Heavenly Father is a life-long commitment which only a few can consummate. It was profoundly exhibited by our very own ‘Saint of Kolkata- Mother Teresa.’ The VII graders beautifully put up a tableau portraying the life of the recently canonized saint, Mother Teresa.

It was succeeded by the Annual Report for the year 2016 – 17, with a power-point presentation focusing on the activities and achievements of the school. Those who have excelled were honoured, thus driving in a sense of challenge to the others. To do the honours, the Guests were escorted on to the dais. PTA Vice President Mr. Ananthesh Prabhu gave away the general proficiency awards of 2015-16, Administrator Sr. Carissima honoured the toppers of Class X and XII Board Exam 2016 and Chief Guest Fr. Swebert D’Silva felicitated the achievers of the academic year 2016 – 17. He later addressed the august gathering highlighting the creativity and hard work of the teachers, propelling leadership of the principal and the cooperation of the parents that makes Mount Carmel the best school in the city. The formal programme, came to an end with Mrs. Latha Shenoy proposing the Vote of Thanks, acknowledging all the efforts put in for the event.

Soldiers are the pride of any nation. The school choir dedicated a song to the ‘Heroes of War’- The Soldiers. It was followed by a musical-drama by the students of class IX and X that accoladed the brave hearts of our country.
‘When you are totally out of words, the only alternative is the dictionary!’ The VII graders invigorated the audience by enacting an amusing one-act play – The First Dictionary.

Life has many ups and downs but on the whole, it remains magical. Come what may, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. This was rightly proved by the girls of grade XI and XII through their dance. The boys of grade XI exhibited their immense love for all the mothers through their dazzling moves.

The Seven Wonders of the World have been compiled from antiquity to the present day, to catalogue the world’s most spectacular natural wonders and manmade structures. The students of class VIII shadowed the world famous Seven Wonders.

The commemorative Annual Day celebration concluded astoundingly as the entire gathering triggered with patriotism sang the National Anthem.

Frizzell D’Souza of Class XII, Sampras D’Souza of Class XI, Roshna Narayan and Rohit Pinto both of Class X compeered the entire event successfully.

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