9th Annual Day of Classes I – IV: 2016

9th Annual Day of Classes I – IV: 2016

Carmelites salute the soldiers and pay tribute to the farmers & Mother Teresa

It’s rightly said that The Annual Day is a perfect venue for children to instil positive values, recognize their abilities and talents, through an array of entertaining programmes.

The most awaited day which created a memory in the history of Mount Carmel Central School, began on the first winter evening of the coldest month of the year-December. The budding roses of Mount Carmel celebrated their 9th Annual Day on December 1, 2016 by inviting the dignitaries to the fragrant garden of Carmel led by the School Band.

The programme began at 4:00 p.m. The Chief Guest Mr. Louis Pinto, President of Mannd Sobann was led by the luminaries Secretary of the Apostolic Carmel Educational Society, Sr. Ida Barboza A.C; Administrator, Sr. Carissima A.C; Principal, Sr. Melissa A.C; PTA Vice President, Mr. Ananthesh Prabhu and PTA Joint Secretary Mrs. Roshni Pinto. The event took off with prayer as the right note led by heavenly aerials through their angelic voices, igniting a spiritual spark among the audience.

“The Body Says What Words Cannot Express.” The IV graders proved this rightly by their graceful and rhythmic welcome dance. The art of welcoming was completed by the Principal, Sr. Melissa, who gathered her words with smile of warmth and hospitality.

The long awaited show began with a rainbow of cultural programmes put up by the tiny tots of classes I-IV. The first episode of the entire show began with a meaningful and astute performance by the tiny birds of class I, wherein they perfectly depicted the changing of the new trend of feasting on junk food than healthy food. This left a tremendous effect on the jamboree.

“What God has given, no one can give; what he has designed, let us kindle.” The Principal gave a glimpse of the entire year by presenting a short report of the year 2016-17. The glory of the school was uplifted when Sr. Melissa spoke of all the achievements of the flourishing students of MCCS. The honourable Chief Guest – Mr. Louis Pinto crowned the meritorious students of 2015-16 with certificates. He later expressed his thoughts and ideas building enthusiasm among the nascent students. Ms. Jenita, with her pleasing tone acknowledged the cheerful presence of the spectators with the Vote of Thanks.

The IV graders paid their tribute to the noble soul known to the world for her compassionate personality – Mother Teresa. They dramatised her life story through a play on what could be done when a person with deep faith on munificent shows it out through one’s action. A melodious song was sung showing our duty and responsibility to all our neighbours.

“Music is the best way to express our love, devotion and patriotism.” The patriots of class II and III staged a scintillating performance dedicated to the Indian Army in the form of a musical drama ‘Service before Self’. They powerfully depicted the life of all the strong and selfless soldiers who keep fighting for us to lead a secured life.

The commemorative Annual Day celebration concluded astoundingly as the entire gathering triggered with patriotism and rekindled their love for the country by singing and dramatising the National Anthem as a respect to the motherland.

The hosts of the evening Raghuram Kottechar of IV C, Prathyusha of IV D, Ronal Pereira of III C, Anvila DSouza of III C, Daniel Veigas of II A and Chrisyl Braggs of II D mesmerized the audience by their enthusiastic emceeing.