Women’s Day Symposium

Women’s Day Symposium

A symposium was held for students of Class IX on Women’s Day on February 28, 2014. The class was divided into six groups and assigned with topics related to women, so that we could present a role-play on stage. We rehearsed quite well, and finally the expected day arrived. We initially expected the programme to be short, which would only include our role-pay. But the team from the Catholic Association of South Kanara had something very unexpected in store for us. We were also thrilled to spot the students of the Vijaymari Technical Institute amongst us. The programme was hosted by Mrs. Patsy Lobo, the convener of the programme. Our school Principal Sr. Melissa A.C., Adminstrator Sr. Carissima A.C., a few members of CASK and our teachers were present for the inaugural. Captain John Prasad briefed us about the role of women in our society and particularly the leadership role. Later, we were addressed by Dr. Derek Lobo, the President of CASK.

Mrs. Patsy Lobo then took us by surprise with the activities she had in store for us, like the quiz on the famous Indian women, the questionnaire to discuss in groups on the status and problems faced by women around the world, and then one representative from each group was chosen to present the answers discussed in the groups. The much awaited part of the day’s programme, the role-play, commenced right afterwards. We presented role-plays on relevant topics like women as professionals, homemakers, leaders, and we also brought out the violence and discrimination against them. The programme came to an end right after the vote of thanks. After the session, there was a smile on our faces and a sense of realization within us, which signified our deep involvement in the proceedings. We would like to thank CASK for organizing such a wonderful programme at our School. – By Chinmaya H.N. and Ashwin AshokanVannarath, Class IX

6th March 2014, the day much awaited arrived, the day to interact and discuss about women and all that they owe to our society. It was indeed a celebration of International Women’s Day, organized by The Catholic Association of South Kanara for the students of Class IX and the students from Vijaymari Technical Institute. The day started off with prayer, a beautiful hymn ‘Our Father’. One of the associates of CASK, Captain John Prasad briefed us about the role of women in our society and particularly the leadership. He mentioned 3 ‘Works’ namely hard work, home work and team work. He said, “Leadership is either leading from the front or leading from the behind like a shepherd leading his flock.” We were given the example of Angella Merkel, apparently the most powerful person in Europe. She is the Chancellor of Germany who takes care of the state as well as her house hold, solely, without domestic help. ‘Home-work’ does not always mean the school work that is to be practiced at home but the few daily chores or work, for instance, gardening, cleaning, washing etc.

‘The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world’. This statement basically suggests that women should be more independent in the society. Women should come up and break the inferiority imposed on them. Women have many more qualities and capabilities than the society realizes. The main cause of this problem is due to the restrictions women face in the country. Many-a-time women do not get all the opportunities men get just because they are considered incapable of the qualities that men possess. Women need to realize their potentials. Independence for women has to start at home. The idea that women are inferior to men is very common. The problem is brought out but is not analyzed. This inferiority complex develops right from home from among the parents especially the mothers. Mothers have a natural tendency to give more importance and dignity to the male child. According to studies in a family where there are three daughters and a son, the son generally tends to receive more than what the three daughters may together receive. All these problems are brought out in today’s world in various ways. The responsibility to solve these problems partly goes to the women themselves. The government also needs to aid them in this agenda. There are various women personalities who lead exemplar lives to women across the globe.

We appreciate our school management for permitting CASK to conduct this beautiful symposium for us which helped us to realize the problems and challenges women face today. Women have incredible potentials, it’s just a matter of realizing it. Hopefully in the coming years, the world will not have such a scenario. – By Rebecca Albuquerque and Frizzell D’Souza – Class IX