The Running Journey of Kindergarten Graduates for the Academic Year 2015-16

The Running Journey of Kindergarten Graduates for the Academic Year 2015-16

Children are our National Asset. On this day we proudly conferred Graduation title to our 130 Kindergarten students, who ran their race competitively in the three years of their well concreted education.

It was indeed a spectacular day where an event like ‘Graduation’ was celebrated with pomp and pride but without prejudice, because kids from all walks of life along with their proud parents celebrated this great day for themselves, for the school and our society at large.

The programme started with the ushering in of our little graduates to the tune of music into the auditorium along with the chief guest Madam Florine Roche, Programme Executive, All India Radio, Mangalore, escorted by our Principal Sr. Melissa and Administrator Sr. Carissima. A prayer of praise and thanksgiving was invoked by our very own little graduates. It was heart touching to hear not mere words but speeches of gratitude delivered by the graduates of kindergarten, thanking the Management, teachers, parents and the support staff.

Conferring the title and the pledge was the privilege of The Principal, which was solemnly conducted by her with emotions of joy.
The Chief Guest Madam Florine Roche in her convocation address cited and urged parents to instil values in their little ones. She was marvelled at the speeches delivered by the little graduates of the day and acknowledged and applauded the school for their efforts.

Indeed our little graduates looked impressive in their gowns and caps. They stood confidently and sang beautifully, making their parents and teachers proud.

K is for Kindergarten—hip, hip, hooray.
I is for imagination we use everyday.
N is for numbers–we know one, two, three.
D is for drawing, the best you can see!
E is for exercise to keep our bodies strong.
R is for reading books all day long.
G is for good friends. We made more each day.
A is for the alphabet we know how to say.
R is for remembering everything we learned.
T is for treats every Friday we earned.
E is for excitement. This year we’ve had some.
N is for next year. First grade here we come.

Teacher Sumana Rebello emceed the programme along with teacher Joyce Pinto who graciously welcomed the gathering and teacher Neetha Pais who delivered the vote of thanks. Being a sunny day the programme ended with soothing refreshment to all gathered.

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